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Muutto Ouluun

Moving to Oulu

Are you moving to Oulu? You can handle permission matters at the Immigration Office's Enter Finland online service or at the service point. You can register as a resident of the city of Oulu at the Digital and Population Information Agency. Information about these and other important services for those who have moved to the area has been collected here.

Local information

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Here you can find information on the services available in Oulu. Other important information on this topic is available at Moving to Finland.

Registering as a resident

When you move (to Oulu or another location in Oulu), you must register as a resident. You can register at a Digital and Population Data Services Agency in Oulu.

Digital and Population Data Services Agency, Oulu 

Isokatu 4

90100 Oulu

If you have already lived in Finland, you can also submit a notification of the move either at a post office or online.

Read more: Registering as a resident

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Registering a foreign citizen

Link redirects to another websiteThe Finnish immigration service

The Finnish immigration service

Link redirects to another websiteDigi and Population Data Services Agency

Moving in Finland

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Residence permit problems

If there are problems or issues related to your residence permit, you can contact the Finnish Immigration Service.

Albertinkatu 4, 90100 Oulu.

Futher information:  Residence permit problems


In Oulu, there are different services to help you settle, find work and learn the language. Such services include, for example, the initial assessment (alkukartoitus), integration plan (kotoutumissuunnitelma) and integration training (kotoutumiskoulutus). If your family members move to Finland with you, they may also be entitled to these services.

Further information: Integration(Link leads to external service)