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Voluntary work


Volunteer work is a good way to help, meet new people and participate in something that is important to you. Volunteer work is not the same as work or practical training.

Gaining entry to working life

If you have little work experience in Finland or your Finnish skills are inadequate, volunteer work is a good way to gain entry to working life and improve your language skills.

Volunteer work does not pay a salary, but the work experience may prove useful when you apply for paid work. It is a good idea of ask for a testimonial of service for volunteer work. Directly contact the organisation you would like to volunteer in.

If you receive unemployment benefits, find out from your Employment and Economic Development Office whether volunteer work has an impact on your benefits. In some cases, volunteer work can be included in your integration plan.

Fun hobby

Volunteer work can also be an excellent hobby. You can usually decide for yourself when and how often you would like to volunteer. In volunteer work, you can meet people with whom you share common interests and make new friends. You may also be able to utilise the contacts you have made during volunteer work later on in your working life.

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Voluntary work

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Voluntary work

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Voluntary work

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Voluntary work guide