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Asettuminen Vaasaan

Settling in Vaasa


Local information

Select your municipality in order to see information about local services when browsing the site.

Guidance and integration for immigrants

You can get information about all the city’s services from the City of Vaasa’s public services points. Services are available at the Welcome Office, Citizen Services (Kansalaisinfo) and Vähäkyrö’s citizen services point.

Welcome Office

You can get information about immigration, Finnish society, public services, language course, recruitment and more from Welcome Office. You can ask for more information about the services that can help you settle and integrate in Vaasa from the advisors at Welcome Office. There are, for example, third sector services (organisations and associations) that help residents find their place in the community and integrate in Vaasa.

The service is accessible and free for everyone, regardless of their background or reason for entry. You can get advice without an appointment and it is available in several languages. You can check the schedule on the Welcome Office website.

Advice and guidance is available in for example the following areas:

  • Working life and recruitment
  • Language courses
  • Government services and society
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Leisure
  • Documents and filling in forms

Welcome Office
Kirjastonkatu 13
65100 VAASA

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Welcome Office

Citizen Services

You can pay invoices from the City of Vaasa (for example, parking ticket fines and adult education centre fees) at Citizen Services (Kansalaisinfo). You can use cash and payment cards. You can also buy, for example, a bus pass for city transport at the service point.

Integration Services

If you have refugee status in Finland, you will receive guidance, advice and support from Integration Services during the early stages of immigration. This is available for about three years.

Initial assessment and integration plan

The initial assessment and integration plan can be made with you either in your municipality of residence or at the TE- services office (TE-toimisto), depending on your situation and the reason for living in Finland.

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When you have come to Finland, for example as a family member, and you do not have a job, you can register as a jobseeker at theTE- services office (TE-toimisto). TE-services will assess your skills and create an integration or employment plan with you, in order to improve your chances of finding employment in Finland. Usually this means that you can get into integration or work training programmes to learn Finnish or Swedish.

Integration Services

If you have refugee status in Finland, you will receive guidance, counselling, and support from Integration Services during the early stages of immigration, for about three years.

Integration services include an initial assessment and an integration plan for customers outside the labour force, as well as individual guidance and advice, and the services of an interpreter on call. Integration Services organises a wide range of group activities for its customers, such as teaching Finnish and offering information about the Finnish society in the customer’s own language in order to help them with integration. Childcare is available in the groups.

Integration Services (Kotouttamispalvelut)
Korsholmanpuistikko 44, 5th floor
65100 Vaasa

Do you need an interpreter?

If you do not speak Finnish or Swedish, you can use the services of an interpreter when dealing with the authorities.

In some cases, you can get an interpreter through the authority you are dealing with. You can ask the authority in advance about the possibility of interpretation. The authority will arrange for an interpreter, if necessary. In which case, the interpretation is free of charge for you.

You can use the services of an interpreter whenever you want, if you can pay for it and arrange for the services yourself.

In Vaasa, you can inquire about interpretation or translation services through MicoBotnia.

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