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Suomen kielen opiskelu

Studying Finnish

Adult education in Finnish is organised by, for example, adult education centres, municipalities and TE Services. There is a wide range of courses, with suitable courses for stay-at-home parents as well as employed and unemployed persons.

Language courses

Finnish language courses are organised by adult education centres, universities and summer universities, for example. Sometimes a course can also be accessed through the workplace. You can find out more information from the counselling services of your municipality and, in large cities, the service.

Courses usually begin in August or September as well as in January. You can usually attend a language course in the evening. Language courses are often very full, so ensure to register in time.

Integration training

If you have just moved to Finland, you may be entitled to integration services. Integration training usually includes language studies.

Read more on the page Integration into Finland.

TE Office training

If you are unemployed, the TE Office or your municipality’s employment services can direct you to integration training and other services that support language skills. The integration training focuses on learning the language, how Finnish society works and how to apply for a job in Finland.

Read more on the page If you become unemployed.

Preparatory education

The Finnish language can also be studied in preparatory education for programmes leading to an upper secondary qualification (TUVA).

Read more about preparatory education on the pages Vocational education and training and General upper secondary school.

Language cafés and discussion groups

You can also practise your Finnish by talking. Many libraries and organisations organise language cafés and discussion groups where you can practise speaking Finnish.

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Finnish language discussion groups

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