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The Metropolitan Area boasts good public transport connections. Kauniainen has a railway station, and many bus routes run within the town.

You can use the Journey Planner service to search for information on routes in the Metropolitan Area. The service provides suggestions on how to get from one place to another using public transport.

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You can use cash or a travel card to pay on public transport. You must buy your ticket for commuter trains in advance. Travel cards are available for purchase from Kauniainen City Hall. You can also buy a mobile ticket with your mobile phone or a single ticket from a ticket vending machine.

City Hall
Kauniaistentie 10
Mon–Fri 8 am­–3 pm; Tue, Wed, Thu also 5 pm–7:30 pm

Kauniainen lies only a short distance from the motorway between Helsinki and Turku. The nearest airport is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

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More information about public transport in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area can also be found on the InfoFinland page Information about Greater Helsinki.

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Decision-making and public engagement

Decisions regarding Kauniainen are made by the City Council (kaupunginvaltuusto). It has 35 members, who represent the different political groups. The Council is elected every four years in a municipal election.

On the website of the City of Kauniainen, you can send feedback to the administration. You can also create initiatives, post questions and comment on issues in Finnish and Swedish. Questions in English will also be answered.

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There are many religious communities in Espoo and Helsinki. The Religions in Finland service provides you with the opportunity to search for information according to religious community or municipality.

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Kauniainen has an Evangelical Lutheran church, which is used by two parishes, a Finnish-speaking and a Swedish-speaking one. Kauniainen also has a Swedish-speaking Methodist church.

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Basic information

Kauniainen is one of the four municipalities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. It is located in the centre of Espoo, 15 km west of Helsinki.

The population of Kauniainen is approximately 9,600. 60% of the residents speak Finnish as their native language, while 34% speak Swedish and 6% other languages. Kauniainen covers an area of 6.0 km2.

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In 1906, a limited company that sold villa sites to residents of the Metropolitan Area was established in Kauniainen. The area had a direct link to Helsinki. In 1920, the villa community became a borough. At first, the majority of the residents were Swedish-speaking. In 1972, the borough was bestowed with the rights of a city.

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