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Tapahtumia ja tekemistä

Things to do in Finland

Do you want to go to a concert, movie, museum or theatre? This page contains information and links on leisure events and places to visit in different parts of Finland. More local events can be found on the InfoFinland municipal pages.


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Events in Finland

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Most Finnish cities have a cinema. You can find information about the films online using the search term cinema (elokuvat) and the name of the city. Finnkino is the largest chain of cinemas in Finland. On its website, you can search for cinemas according to city in Finnish, Swedish and English.

In Finland, films are primarily screened in their original language. They are subtitled in Finnish and Swedish. Children’s films are sometimes dubbed into Finnish.

The best-known Finnish film festivals are the Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy and the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä.

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Film festival

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Film festival


Most Finnish cities have a theatre. Some of them are professional theatres, while others operate on an amateur basis. The language of the performances is Finnish, although some localities also have Swedish-speaking theatres.

On the Finnish Theatre Information Centre’s website, you can search for theatres in different municipalities in Finnish.

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Almost every locality in Finland has a museum. They can be devoted to art, history, nature, a certain individual or a special field. Finnish art is exhibited, for example, at Ateneum, which is part of the Finnish National Gallery, and at the Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA). The Finnish cultural history can be explored, for example, at the National Museum of Finland in Helsinki.

The website contains information on Finnish museums and exhibitions. Museums often arrange guided tours in different languages.

Museum entrance fees vary. You can also get a Museum Card, which you can use to visit more than 300 museums for a year. The price of the Museum Card is €79.


There are many opportunities to make music in Finland. Many localities have adult education centres that organise affordable music lessons. Music lessons are also offered by private music schools and institutes.

The music groups of adult education centres are open to everyone. You can apply to music institutes through an entrance exam.

Various music events, popular especially in the summer, are held in many localities.


Finns are very active when it comes to sports, so having sport hobbies can help you to meet new people and gain friends. Guided sports activities are organised by various sports clubs, for example, many of which are volunteer-based.

In Finland, the majority of sports facilities are maintained by municipalities and are available to all residents. For more information, go to the website of the municipality.

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