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Information about Pyhäjoki

Basic information

Pyhäjoki is located on the Gulf of Bothnia along highway 8. The municipality has around 100 kilometres of coastline. Its landscape is dominated by the river which bears its name and bisects the municipality. Raahe and Kalajoki are around 30 kilometres and Oulu and Kokkola are about a hundred kilometres away.

Pyhäjoki has around 3,200 inhabitants. It has a surface area of 542 km2. Its village centres include Etelänkylä, Keskikylä, Liminkakylä, Parhalahti, Pirttikoski, Pohjankylä, Viirre and Yppäri.

Pyhäjoki's economy supports around 800 jobs.

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Pyhäjoki was founded as an administrative unit by John III of Sweden in 1573. At that time, this large parish stretched from the coast of the Bothnian Gulf all the way to Lake Pyhäjärvi. Pyhäjoki's current boundaries were drawn in 1895, when Merijärvi to the east became a municipality in its own right.


Pyhäjoki is located along highway 8. It has good public transport connections in all directions. Express services run throughout the day in both directions between Oulu and Kokkola, and other bus services operate daily to destinations such as Raahe.

The nearest VR railway stations are in Oulainen, Vihanti and Ylivieska.

The closest airports are those of Oulu and Kokkola.

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You can find more information on issues related to religion, based on your religious community and location, via the Religions in Finland (Uskonnot Suomessa) online service.

Pyhäjoki has a church belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, in which a parish organisation also operates. For more information, see the website of the Pyhäjoki parish (Pyhäjoen seurakunta).

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Decision-making and public engagement

In Pyhäjoki, it is easy to affect issues which have an impact on your own life. It is also easy to get in touch with the representatives who handle various issues.

Local issues are decided upon by the Municipality Council (kunnanvaltuusto). The council has 21 members who represent different political groups. The council is appointed in municipal elections held every fourth year.

You can send feedback to the local authority via the Pyhäjoki website. You can also launch initiatives, ask questions and comment on various issues.

Minutes of the municipal government (kunnanhallitus) and council are open to public inspection on the website of the municipality of Pyhäjoki.

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