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Työ ja yrittäjyys Oulussa

Work and Enterprise in Oulu


Local information

Select your municipality in order to see information about local services when browsing the site.

Here you can find information on the services available in Oulu. Other important information on this topic is available at work and enterprise.

Where to find work? (Mistä työtä?)

You can contact employers directly, keep an eye on advertisements in newspapers and look for jobs online on websites that provide employment services. You can find links to vacancies by entering ”avoimet työpaikat” into the text field of a search website. Many web pages for jobs allow you to fill in and send a job application and to enclose your CV. Vacancies posted to the TE office can be found on the website of TE Services. You can also download a job search (Työpaikkahaku) mobile application that will submit all vacancies posted to TE services to your phone.

North Ostrobothnia TE Office (Pohjois-Pohjanmaan TE-toimisto) serves all jobseekers online, by telephone and at six service points. More detailed information on services provided by the TE Office is available on the office's website.

A national TE telephone service provides information, guidance and advice on TE services and support for using online services. The service is available Mon–Fri from 9:00 am – 4:15 pm.

Service in Finnish: 0295 025 500
Service in Swedish: 0295 025 510
Service in English: 0295 020 713
Service in Russian: 0295 020 715

Oulu Employment and Economic Development Office (Oulun työ- ja elinkeinopalvelut)

Uusikatu 52
90100 Oulu

Further information Where to find work

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Employment opportunities for young people (Nuorten työmahdollisuudet)

The Employment and Economic Development Office and Nappi, the information and guidance centre for young people, will help you get started when you are looking for a job.

Workshops for young people (Nuorten työpajat)

Workshops for young people offer various work and apprenticeship opportunities for young people between the age of 17 and 24 who live in Oulu. The purpose of workshops is to help young people get started in their career, promote employment and find study opportunities. Workshops are intended for young people who do not have vocational training, or young people who have vocational training but no work experience.

Starting a business (Yrityksen perustaminen)

BusinessOulu provides information on starting a business in the Oulu region. New Enterprise Agency (Uusyrityskeskus) is a guidance service for new and newly established companies. The advice service is free of charge and it is also available in English.

Read more Starting a business

Taxation (Verotus)

In Finland, tax must be paid for all income and you must have a tax card. The Oulu Tax Office is located in the same building as the Oulu Employment and Economic Development Office (Oulun työ- ja elinkeinotoimisto) at:

Northern Finland Tax Office (Pohjois-Suomen verotoimisto)
Uusikatu 52
90100 Oulu
Switchboard 029 512 000

Further information Taxation

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Tax Office

If you become unemployed (Jos jäät työttömäksi)

If you become unemployed, register personally as a jobseeker at the Employment and Economic Development Office (Työ- ja elinkeinopalvelut).

Employment and Economic Development Office (Työ- ja elinkeinopalvelut)
Uusikatu 52
90100 Oulu

If you are unemployed and you are applying for basic unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy, you can visit a Kela office.

Sepänkatu 18
90100 Oulu

Citizens of an EU member state and an EEA member state can register as a jobseeker using the TE services' online service under 'Asioi verkossa'. If you cannot register as a jobseeker online, fill in the Form for jobseekers registering with the Employment and Economic Development Office and take the signed form personally to a TE Office. You can also call national service numbers, if you need assistance with using the online services or information on TE services.

It is no longer necessary to visit a TE Office personally, as the TE Office will contact you. You can visit a TE Office without an appointment when you want to use self-service terminals or if you cannot get started with job hunting online.

TE Office
Uusikatu 52
90100 Oulu

Further information If you become unemployed

Pension (Eläke)

Kela pays national pension, guarantee pension and survivors' pension to persons who reside in Finland. The main source of pension to employees is earnings-related pension, which is paid by authorised pension providers.

If the amount of earnings-related pension is small, it can be supplemented by national pension. Earnings-related pension is paid by authorised pension providers.

You can find information on pension and applying for pension on the InfoFinland page at Pension.

You can also apply for many of Kela's benefits online.

Sepänkatu 18
90100 Oulu

Further information: Pension