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Health in Oulu

Oulu is part of the wellbeing services at county of North Ostrobothnia (Pohde). Pohde offers support in matters related to health, safety, social services and wellbeing. There are also private medical centres in Oulu

Local information

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Here you can find information on the services available in Oulu. Other important information on this topic is available at Health.

Health services in Oulu

 Health centres

There are health centres in different parts of the city in Oulu, and they offer health services. Each health centre has its own appointment telephone number, by which you can book an appointment for non-urgent treatment with a nurse or doctor. In urgent situations, you can go to the health centre from Monday to Friday without an appointment. In Oulu, it is not possible to book an appointment for urgent treatment, but you can get treatment by queuing. An appointment at the health centre is booked by phone. If the lines are busy, you can leave a callback request. Callbacks will be answered as soon as possible. Immigrant health services provide healthcare-related services to immigrants with a refugee background for two years after immigration.

Laboratory tests

 The laboratory services of the wellbeing services at county of Northern Ostrobothnia are organised by NordLab. You can book an appointment for the laboratory yourself on NordLab's website. You can also book an appointment by calling 0206198019. For instructions and advice on laboratory tests or how to prepare for them, call 08 558 44355. You will need a referral from a doctor or nurse for a laboratory visit. You can also visit NordLab with a referral from a private doctor, but then you will pay for the sampling at the laboratory by yourself.


 You can get information about vaccinations from health centers.

 Medicines In Finland

 Medicines can only be purchased from pharmacies. Over-the-counter medicines can be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription.

 Renewing prescriptions

 You can renew your previously received prescription at health stations. The renewal of prescriptions is mainly handled with an ePrescription, which is a prescription issued and signed electronically by a doctor. The ePrescription is stored in a centralised database called the Prescription Centre. Patients can use their Kela card to collect their medicines from any pharmacy.





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Oulu omahoito

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Emergency services and joint emergency services

The emergency department treats illnesses and injuries that cannot wait until the next working day. The emergency department also treats mental health symptoms. During the opening hours of health centres, you can receive urgent treatment from your own health center. If you need urgent treatment in the evening or at the weekend, you can get help from any of the nearest round-the-clock emergency services. In Oulu, it is the joint emergency service of the Oulu region. Before going to the emergency service, call the Medical Helpline on 116 117. In a life-threatening situation, call 112.

Life-threatening situations include, for example, severe chest pain, difficult breathing, loss of consciousness, paralysis symptoms or sudden convulsions.

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Pregnancy and childbirth

When you notice that you are pregnant, contact the maternity clinic. The maternity clinic supports the health and well-being of the mother, baby and the whole family during pregnancy. The pregnant woman's spouse or other support person is always welcome to join the maternity clinic.

The maternity hospital is Oulu University Hospital.

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Private health services

There are separate, private health services in Oulu.

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Child health

Maternity clinics offer services to families that are expecting a baby and children under school age. You can also call the clinics and ask for advice. 

School health care provides health care to pupils in primary and upper secondary school.

Further information: Child health

School and student health care

Comprehensive school pupils and upper secondary school students receive a free health examination. Public health nurses, school social workers and school psychologists at schools and educational institutions will help you with questions related to health and wellbeing.

As a higher education student, you will receive medical, dental and mental health services through the Finnish Student Health Foundation.

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School health care

Link redirects to another websiteFinnish Student Health Service

Finnish Student Health Service

Health of the elderly

Aino counselling service for the elderly is a counselling service for the elderly. You can ask about Pohte, private and third sector services. Counselling is a free service for the elderly and their loved ones.



Dental care

 Pohte's dental clinics are open on weekdays.

On weekends and public holidays, the emergency dental service is at Aapistie 3 (Kontinkangas).

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Mental health services

If you need urgent treatment for mental health symptoms, you can get help from your local health centre. If the health centre is closed, you can get help from the round-the-clock joint emergency service.

Psychiatric emergency services treat serious mental disorders. These include, for example, psychoticism, i.e. disturbance of the sense of reality, self-harm, severe depression or anxiety. You need a referral for psychiatric emergency services from your health centre or joint emergency services.

Call Social and Crisis Emergency Services if you or someone close to you has faced a serious crisis.

In non-urgent matters, contact your own health centre through Oulu Omahoito or call for advice and book appointment.

You can also contact us via the mental health chat of the digital health and social services centre.

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Sexual health and contraception

Young people and adults can receive family planning and contraceptive counselling to support their own family plans. Counselling is provided at health centres, maternity clinics and school and student health care.

If you are considering terminating your pregnancy or suspect that you have a sexually transmitted disease, contact school health care, a student health centre or your own health centre.

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Support during illness

If you are covered by Finnish national health insurance, you can apply for sickness allowance from Kela after the appropriate qualifying period. You can fill in an application form online or send it to Kela by post. You can also visit a Kela office.


Sepänkatu 18

P.O. Box 221

90101 Oulu

Further information: Support during illness

People with disabilities

Disability services are intended for you if you have a disability, intellectual disability or illness that makes it particularly difficult for you to cope with everyday life. The purpose of disability services is to improve the equality of persons with disabilities. The purpose of disability services is to support you in coping with your daily life as well as possible. The goal is that you are able to act as independently as possible.

Services for people with intellectual disabilities promote the everyday life of persons with intellectual disabilities and their loved ones by supporting independence and equal membership of society, as well as securing the necessary care and care at different stages of life.

The first assessment team helps in matters related to services for people with disabilities. The initial assessment team is intended for new customers. We also advise family members on professionals from different fields.

New customers first contact the initial assessment team.

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Substance abuse services

You can get help if, for example, you suffer from substance abuse or gambling addiction. You can get support either individually or in groups. Support can take the form of, for example, guidance, counselling, rehabilitation or social support.

You can ask for advice on seeking services from the service guidance of substance abuse services.

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