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Työ ja yrittäjyys Pyhäjoella

Work and enterprise in Pyhäjoki


For example the Wind Power projects have made Pyhäjoki a developing and internationalising municipality.

The municipality has diverse business activities, but there is also need for more. There are currently appoximately 200 companies in the municipality. Pyhäjoki has a low unemployment rate.

The fibre-optic network in the district creates excellent conditions for remote work and business activities.

Local information

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Where to find work?

New employees are in demand in various sectors in Pyhäjoki as well as in the entire Raahe-Kalajoki region. If you are looking for work, keep an eye out for job advertisements in newspapers and online. You can also contact potential employers directly. Open jobs reported to the TE Office are listed on the TE Services website.

You can obtain general information, advice and guidance on TE Services and support for using online services from the TE telephone service. The service is available on Monday–Friday at 9 am–4.15 pm.

Service in Finnish: 0295 025 500

Service in Swedish: 0295 025 510

Service in English: 0295 020 713

Service in Russian: 0295 020 715

The North Ostrobothnia TE Office’s units in Raahe and Ylivieska are open on Mondays. The unit in Oulu is open five days a week from Monday to Friday.

The North Ostrobothnia Employment and Economic Development Office (Työ- ja elinkeinotoimisto, TE Office) serves jobseekers online, by telephone and at six service points. More information on TE Office's services is available on the TE Office's website.

The closest Employment and Economic Development Office of Northern Ostrobothnia offices are located in Raahe, Ylivieska and Oulu. TE offices services are also available directly in Pyhäjoki by appointment.

The Pyhäjoki Municipality supports the employment of Pyhäjoki residents with a special municipal supplement.

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Municipal supplement

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Starting a business

Raahe Region Development Centre staff can help you in setting up a business, developing your business further and going international.

Help is available, for example, in matters related to financing your business and in writing support applications at all stages of your company’s life cycle.

Raahe Region Development Centre

Address: Rantakatu 5 D 2. krs, 92100 Raahe

Mail address: PL 62, 92101 Raahe

Tel. 044 439 3288

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Commercial plots

Pyhäjoki has commercial plots available to cater to a variety of needs. Companies are encouraged to locate to the area by providing them with affordable commercial plots. These plots can be leased or purchased.

The plots enjoy excellent traffic connections along main road 8. They are highly accessible both locally and from the perspective of the national transport network. Commercial plots are listed in the Pyhäjoki tonttipörssi online plot service. The service is partially available also in English and Swedish.

The Director of Economic Development is responsible for the business sector in Pyhäjoki Municipality, manages investment projects related to the municipality’s economic activities and promotes entrepreneurship. The Director of Economic Development is responsible for the sale and lease of commercial plots and locating companies in the municipality.

Contact information:

Director of Economic Development (Mayor)

Tel. +358 40 359 6001

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Work and entrepreneurial life


If you work or run a business in Finland, you are required to pay tax. To be able to work, you need a tax card and personal identity code.

For your company, you need a business ID. Goods and services are subject to value added tax. As an entrepreneur, you may also be obliged to pay excise duty, property tax or vehicle tax.

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Work in Finland

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If you become unemployed

Register as an unemployed jobseeker no later than on your first day of unemployment.

Citizens of an EU member state, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland can register as a jobseeker online using the TE Services' E-services (Oma asiointi).

Citizens of other countries must start their job search by visiting a TE Office personally. Please bring proof of identity and your residence permit with you.

If you cannot register as a jobseeker online, book an appointment to the TE-offices. TE office services are also available in Pyhäjoki by appointment.

The North Ostrobothnia TE Office’s service points in Ylivieska and Raahe are open on Mondays. The service point in Oulu is open five days a week from Monday to Friday.

Visiting address of the TE Office in Raahe:

Fellmanin puistokatu 3, 92100 Raahe

Visiting address of the TE Office in Ylivieska:

Valtakatu 4, 84100 Ylivieska

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Fennovoima Hanhikivi 1 – nuclear power plant project in Pyhäjoki

Fennovoima’s Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant project has ended. More information about the Fennovoima nuclear power plant project in Pyhäjoki is available directly from Fennovoima.

Fennovoima Oy

email: communications(at)

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Hanhikivi 1