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Asuminen Oulussa

Housing in Oulu


Local information

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Here you can find information on residing in Oulu. Other important information on this topic is available at Housing page .

The housing situation is good in Oulu, and there are various kinds of housing options. Haukipudas, Kiiminki, Oulunsalo and Yli-Ii are part of the City of Oulu.

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Housing in Oulu

Rental dwelling (Vuokra-asunto)

Rental dwelling can be obtained from both public and private parties. You can also find rental dwelling through local newspapers. You can submit your own advertisement or reply to advertisements posted by others. For example, the following newspapers include housing advertisements: Kaleva and Forum24 newspaper.

You can look for a rental dwelling online on the websites and

Further information Rental housing

Housing by various owner communities

Rental dwelling for students

Rental dwelling for young people

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Osnakodit (OSNA)

Right-of-occupancy dwelling (Asumisoikeusasunto)

A right-of-occupancy dwelling is an alternative to renting or buying. By paying a right-of-occupancy payment, which is around 15% of the price of a flat, and a monthly rent, you will have the same rights to the flat as you would if you owned it. You cannot purchase a right-of-occupancy dwelling as a whole but you can sell your right-of-occupancy to another person or exchange it to another flat.

Owner-occupied housing (Oma asunto)

You can receive more information on buying property from a real estate agent. You can find information on flats for sale, for example, from the windows of estate agencies, local newspapers and housing websites

Further information Owner-occupied housing

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Accommodation in a crisis situation (Asuminen kriisitilanteessa)

If a member of your family uses violence against you or threatens to do so, you can contact a shelter (turvakoti). If you live in Oulu, you can go to the Oulu Mother and Child Home and Shelter (Oulun ensi- ja turvakoti).

Mother and Child Home and Shelter (Ensi- ja turvakoti)
Kangastie 9
90500 Oulu
Telephone: 08 561 5500

You can call the shelter at any time. You do not have to give anyone your name when you call. You can find information on the operation of the shelter on the shelter's website.


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Mother and child shelter

Supported and service housing (Tuki- ja palveluasuminen)

Home care support services are available to persons who have difficulties coping without help, such as elderly persons or disabled persons. Such services include, for example, meal services and transport services.

A person who cannot live independently can receive a place in a facility.

Further information: Supported and service housing

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Supporting housing

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Institutional care

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Service housing

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Oulun palvelusäätiö

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Elderly and Children Support Fundation

Homelessness (Asunnottomuus)

If you become homeless, contact the social service office of your municipality of residence. A social worker can help you find housing.

Customer service of social services (Sosiaalipalveluiden asiakaspalvelu)
Kajaanintie 46 A, 4th floor
telephone: 044 703 4912
(on weekdays from 8:30 am–3:30 pm)

Housing allowance (Asumistuki)

General housing allowance is intended to help low-income households with their housing costs. You may receive general housing allowance for a rental or owner-occupied housing.

Housing allowance for pensioners is paid to pensioners who live alone or with a spouse/partner.
If you receive a survivor's pension and you are a student, you can choose whether to apply for housing allowance for pensioners or housing allowance for students.

Housing allowance for students is intended for students who do not have children and who live in rental, right-of-occupancy or part-ownership home. If you are not entitled to housing allowance for students, you can apply for general housing allowance, for example, if you wish to live with a child or if you live in an owner-occupied home.

Housing assistance for conscripts is intended for a person performing their service. Housing allowance can also be granted to a family member.

You can apply for housing allowance from Kela.

Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland)
Sepänkatu 18
90100 OULU

You can also apply for many of Kela's benefits online.

Further information: Housing allowance

Waste management and recycling (Jätehuolto ja kierrätys)

Sort your household waste, such as biowaste, glass, metal, cardboard and paper, and take it to the waste containers outside your home or to a recycling centre. You must not put any dangerous or toxic waste, such as chemicals, into the waste containers. Take hazardous waste to the closest collection point. The waste containers outside your home are only intended for daily household waste.

Furniture, old domestic appliances and other large items of waste must be taken to a waste centre or recycling centre. If you cannot transport large items of waste yourself, you can order the Repsikka collection service, which is subject to a fee.

You must not throw any solid waste, rubbish or leftovers into the toilet or down the drain.

Rusko Waste Centre (Ruskon jätekeskus)
Ruskonniityntie 10
90620 Oulu

You can bring the following to the Oulu Recycling Centre: 

  • furniture
  • dishes
  • sports equipment, bicycles
  • clean, undamaged clothes
  • readable books (no school books or encyclopedia)
  • small household appliances
  • computers
  • computer screens; all sizes, flat

Furniture, clothes and other items taken to the recycling centre can be purchased at the centre.

Recycling centre (Kierrätyskeskus)
Kurkelantie 2, Värttö
90230 Oulu
Telephone: 08 5584 3966

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Oulu waste management

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Rusko waste management

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Recycling Centre