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Terveys Oulussa

Health in Oulu


Local information

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Here you can find information on the services available in Oulu. Other important information on this topic is available at Health .

Coronavirus COVID-19

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Coronavirus COVID-19

Health services in Oulu (Terveyspalvelut Oulussa)

Oulu has health centres throughout the city which provide health services. Each health centre has their own telephone number for appointments to see a nurse or a doctor. On weekdays, you can also visit the health centres in urgent situations.

Many matters related to health and social services can also be handled online at Omahoitopalvelu. On this website, you can make appointments, view laboratory results and send messages to the staff. Using the service requires online banking credentials.

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Health clinics

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Appointments (Ajanvaraukset)

You can make an appointment at a health centre by telephone. If the line is busy, you can leave a call request by pressing 1. Call requests are responded to as soon as possible.

Haukipudas health centre (Simppulantie 15) 08 558 54600

Höyhtyä well-being centre Välke (Latokartanontie 1) 08 558 44333

Kaakkuri health centre (Pesätie 11) 08 558 44510

Kaijonharju health centre (Kalevalantie 5) 08 558 44228

Kiiminki health centre (Terveystie 1) 08 558 59312

Kontinkangas health centre (Kajaanintie 46 A (main building) and 48 A-B) 08 558 44333

Myllyoja health centre (Karvarinaukio 16) 08 558 44366

Oulunsalo health centre (Kauppiaantie 10) 08 558 73401

Rajakylä health centre (Ruiskukkatie 4) 08 558 44428

Tuira health centre (Kangastie 12) 08 558 44477

Yli-Ii health centre (Kirkkokuja 2) 08 550 58280

Ylikiiminki health centre (Vesaisenlinnantie 2) 08 558 70722

Health services for immigrants provide healthcare-related services to immigrants with a refugee background for two years from their immigration.

Nurses of the immigrant health services:
Telephone: 044 703 4881
Telephone: 044 703 4882
Telephone: 044 703 5217

Telephone: 040 537 8690

Appointments with the laboratory of the City of Oulu are reserved through Nordlab .

You can also make an appointment by calling 0206198019.

The number of instructions and advice-related to laboratory tests or preparing for them is 08 558 44355.

The appointment booking number for the maternity and child health clinic is 08 558 44356.

Laboratory tests require a referral from a municipal doctor. (Referrals from private or occupational health doctors are not accepted.)

Private health services (Yksityiset terveyspalvelut)

There are also separate private health services in Oulu.

Emergency services and joint emergency services (Akuuttivastaanotot ja yhteispäivystys)

On weekdays in urgent cases, you can seek help at the emergency clinic of your local health centre. In the morning and evening, at weekends and during public holidays, health centres are closed, and health services are provided by the joint emergency services of the City of Oulu. Before going to the emergency clinic, it is advisable to call and describe the problem. Calls are answered at all hours. Patients are treated in order of urgency.

The joint emergency services are provided in connection with the Oulu University Hospital at

Kajaanintie 50, entrance A1
Telephone: 08 315 2655

Further information: Emergencies - Hätätilanteet

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Children’s health (Lapsen terveys)

Maternity clinics offer services to families that are expecting a baby and children under school age. You can also call the clinics and ask for advice. The number for appointment bookings and enquiries is 08 558 44356.

School health care provides health care to pupils in primary and upper secondary school.

Further information: Child health

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School Healthcare

Student health care (Opiskelijaterveydenhuolto)

There are separate health care services for students. There are separate medical, dental and mental health services for university students.

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Student healthcare

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Finnish Student Health Service

Elderly persons’ health (Ikäihmisen terveys)

The Aino senior advisory service is a local information service for the elderly. You can ask about services provided by the city and the private and third sectors. The advice is free of charge for senior citizens and their family and friends.

Further information: Health of the elderly

Dental care (Hammashoito)

The city's dental clinics are open on weekdays. You can make an appointment by calling 08 5584 6430.

On weekends and public holidays, on-call dental services are provided at Aapistie 3 (Kontinkangas). Please call first 044 7036 426.

Further information: Dental care

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Dental care

Mental health services (Mielenterveyspalvelut)

Mental health services provide residents of Oulu with help and support during crises through psychiatric care and rehabilitation as well as home services. If you need help in mental health matters, you can first contact your health centre, which will then refer you to further treatment.

You can contact the mental health emergency service in a crisis situation.

Emergency mental health services for adults:
Telephone: 044 703 5941

Emergency mental health services for children and young people
Telephone: 044 703 5919

Calls made to the on-call number in the evenings and at weekends are directed to the psychiatric ward, where a nurse will answer them.

Further information: Mental health

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Health clinics

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Mental health services

Sexual health (Seksuaaliterveys)

Your local health centre can provide assistance in matters related to contraception and family planning. If you are contemplating the termination of your pregnancy, please contact your school health services, student health centre or a local health centre. Abortions are performed with a doctor's referral at the OUH Department of Gynaecology. If you suspect you have a sexually transmitted disease, please contact your school health services, student health centre or a local health centre.

Further information: Sexual health

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Sexual health

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Maternity clinics

When you are expecting a baby (Kun odotat lasta)

If you think you are pregnant, make an appointment at a maternity clinic. Telephone number is 08 558 44356. The well-being of the mother, baby and the whole family is monitored at a maternity clinic during pregnancy.

Further information: When you are expecting a baby

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Maternity clinics

Childbirth (Synnytys)

Oulu University Hospital is the local maternity hospital.

Maternity ward (synnytysosasto)
Visiting address: Kajaanintie 50, B2:2 (Kontinkangas)
Telephone: 08 315 3198

Further information: Childbirth

Medication (Lääkkeet)

In Finland, medication can only be bought at a pharmacy. Self-care medication can be bought at a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription.

Renewing a prescription (Reseptien uusiminen)

You can renew a prescription for medication at a health centre. Prescriptions are primarily renewed using ePrescriptions, which doctors create and sign electronically. The ePrescriptions are stored in a centralised database called Prescription Centre. Patients can then use their Kela cards to pick up their medication at any pharmacy.

Further information Medication

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Health services for refugees and returnees (Terveyspalvelut pakolaisille ja paluumuuttajille)

The immigration services of the City of Oulu provide basic social and health care services to persons with a refugee background who live in Oulu as well as support their integration through social services for the first three years and through health services for the first two years (the period of time is calculated from the customer's first entry into the population register after a residence permit has been granted). After the integration period, customers will be covered by necessary regular social and health care services. In other words, customers do not include other Oulu-based immigrants or families with a foreign spouse, for example. Further, all families in which the integration period of any family member has ended are covered by general social services.

Most customers have come to Finland as asylum seekers who move to Oulu after they have received a residence permit. The City of Oulu also has an annual quota of 50 refugees within which refugees and asylum seekers, who have been granted a residence permit and who are under the age of 18, are accepted. In addition, the family members of customers who move to Oulu as part of the family reunion will become our customers within the integration period of their family member living in Oulu.

In principle, customers are directed to immigration services from reception centres in Oulu and Northern Finland after they have received a residence permit. A customer relationship is terminated at the end of the integration period or sooner if the person moves away from Oulu. If a person gets married or moves in together with a Finnish partner, the customer relationship with immigration services is terminated even though the integration period would have continued