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Housing in Vantaa

Rental home

The prices for rental housing in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area are high. You are responsible for finding a home for yourself. The city or other lessors are not obliged to offer you housing.

To read more, go to: Rental home.

Private rental homes

There are many private lessors in Vantaa; the biggest are VVO, Sato and Avara. In addition, many insurance companies, Kuntien eläkevakuutus and Kunta-asunnot own rental homes in Vantaa. It is possible to get housing quickly from a private lessor.

If you are a student, you may be able to rent a home through HOAS, the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (Helsingin seudun opiskelija-asuntosäätiö). If you are under 30 years old, you can apply for housing from the Finnish Youth Housing Association NAL (Nuorisoasuntoliitto) and Nuorisosäätiö.

Rental housingFinnish | English

Rental housingFinnish

Rental housingFinnish | Swedish | English

Rental flats for people under 30 years of ageFinnish | English

Rental housing for young peopleFinnish | English

Rental housing for studentsFinnish | Swedish | English

City-owned rental homes

Housing rented out by the cities is usually more affordable than housing rented out by companies and private persons. However, the wait may be long, and only a fraction of all applicants get a home.

The rental homes of the City of Vantaa are owned and rented out by VAV Asunnot Oy.

VAV Asunnot Oy
Veturikuja 7
01301 Vantaa
Tel. 010 235 1450 (customer service)

You can submit a housing application on the VAV Asunnot Oy website. An application is valid for four months; after that you need to do it again.

When residents are selected for city-owned rental homes, those who urgently need housing are put first. The applicant’s income is also considered because the homes are mostly meant for people on low income.

linkkiVAV Asunnot Oy:
Information about city-owned rental housingFinnish | English

linkkiVAV Asunnot Oy:
Applying for city-owned rental housingFinnish | English

Accommodation in a crisis situation

If your home is damaged due to fire or water, for example, home insurance may in some cases cover some extra costs of living. Contact your insurance company immediately after the damage has occurred.

In crisis situations, you can get help from the City of Vantaa’s Social and Crisis Emergency Services, which are always open. The Social and Crisis Emergency Services number is 09 8392 4005.

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Social and Crisis Emergency CentreFinnish | Swedish | English


If a member of your family uses violence against you or threatens to do so, you can contact a shelter (turvakoti). Shelters always have a helpline open.

The Mona Shelter is a shelter for immigrant women and their children.

Turvakoti Mona
Tel.: 045 639 6274

You can also go to the Vantaa Shelter or the Helsinki Shelter

Vantaan turvakoti
Karsikkokuja 17
01360 Vantaa
Tel. (09) 8392 0071

Pääkaupungin turvakoti
Steniuksentie 20
00320 Helsinki
Tel. (09) 4777 180

linkkiTurvakoti Mona:

linkkiVantaa shelter association:
SheltersFinnish | English

linkkiPääkaupungin Turvakoti ry:
Help for victims of domestic violenceFinnish

linkkiMonika – Multicultural Women’s Association:
Aid and support to immigrant womenFinnish | English | Russian | French | Somali | Arabic | Kurdish | Thai

Emergency youth shelter

The Emergency Youth Shelter of the Finnish Red Cross (Suomen Punaisen Ristin Nuorten turvatalo) helps and supports 12–19-year-olds in crisis situations. The shelter is open from 5 pm to 10 am; the helpline is always open.

Nuorten turvatalo
Sairaalakatu 3 (Rekola manor)
Tel. 09 871 4043

linkkiFinnish Red Cross:
Youth Emergency ShelterFinnish | Swedish | English


If you find yourself without a home, please contact the local Social Welfare Office. You can find their contact information on the City of Vantaa’s website.

If Vantaa is your municipality of residence, you can find a home through Sininauha Oy or Villenpirtti.

To read more, go to: Homelessness

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Social servicesFinnish | Swedish | English

Housing for homeless peopleFinnish

linkkiSininauha oy:
Supported housing for people with mental health and substance abuse issuesFinnish

Supported and service housing

The city organises housing services, for example, for elderly or disabled persons who have difficulties managing day-to-day life without help.

Elderly or disabled persons who are unable to live independently can live in a service flat (palvelutalo) or nursing home (laitos).

You can get more information about the services at your area’s social work unit (sosiaalityön yksikkö).

Read more: Supported and service housing.

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Information about home care support servicesFinnish

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Information about city-owned service housingFinnish

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Private service homesFinnish

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Social servicesFinnish | Swedish | English

Waste management at home

You can find the nearest recycling station (kierrätyspiste) on the Kierrä website.

Read more: Waste management and recycling.

linkkiFinnish Solid Waste Association:
Recycling pointsFinnish

linkkiHSY, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority:
Recycling pointsFinnish | Swedish | English