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Before getting married, you must request in writing an examination of the possible impediments to your marriage (avioliiton esteiden tutkiminen). The examination of impediments is done at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. You can submit the examination request to any service location. More information is available at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency website. Civil marriages are also performed at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Digital and Population Data Services Agency
Lintulahdenkuja 2
00530 Helsinki
Email: vihkiminen(at)
Tel. switchboard 029 55 36244

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Request for an examination of impediments to marriageFinnish | Swedish | English

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Getting marriedFinnish | Swedish | English

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Information on church marriagesFinnish | Swedish | English

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Information on Orthodox marriagesFinnish | Russian


Women and men can file for divorce at the office of the District Court of Vantaa. You can file for divorce independently or together with your spouse. You can take the application to the District Court office or send it there by post, fax or e-mail.

Vantaan käräjäoikeus
Kielotie 21, PL 194
01301 Vantaa
Tel. 029 56 45200

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Filing for a divorceFinnish | Swedish | English

Children in a divorce

If you have children and you decide to file for a divorce, please contact a child welfare supervisor (lastenvalvoja) of the City of Vantaa. The social services verify the agreement regarding the housing and care of the children as well as access rights and child support. Child welfare supervisors also advise divorcing parents.

You can find the contact information of child welfare supervisors on the City of Vantaa’s website.

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Information on divorceFinnish | English

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Contact information for child welfare supervisorsFinnish | Swedish | English

Child’s birth

Information regarding a child’s birth is sent from the hospital to the Finnish Population Information System. You have to inform the Digital and Population Data Services Agency about the child’s names, native language and other necessary information on a separate form that will be sent to your home.

You can read more about the registration of a child’s birth, recognition of paternity and custody on the InfoFinland page: When a child is born in Finland.

Taking care of a child

Day care

You can find information about children’s day care in Vantaa on the InfoFinland page Education in Vantaa.

Child home care allowance

If you are taking care of a child under the age of 3 years at home, you can receive child home care allowance (kotihoidon tuki). Apply for the allowance from Kela.

In addition, the City of Vantaa pays a municipal supplement to child home care allowance to parents taking care of a child under the age of 1.5 years at home You do not need to apply separately for the supplement; Kela will add theVantaa supplement (Vantaa-lisä) to the child home care allowance.

Information about child home care supportFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Information about the municipal supplement to the home care allowanceFinnish | Swedish | English

Open day-care centres and residents’ parks

Open day-care centres (avoin päiväkoti) are meant for children under the school-age and their parents or carers taking care of them at home.

Residents’ parks (asukaspuisto) are meant for children of all ages and they parents or carers. Very young children can participate in activities with their parent or carer.

The activities of open day-care centres and residents’ parks are free of charge and do not require advance registration. The activities include games and guided activities, such as music, sports and trips.

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Residential parks and open day care centresFinnish | Swedish | English


The City of Vantaa organises clubs (kerho) for children aged 2.5–5 years who are in home care. Clubs are free of charge. At clubs, children learn Finnish, how to act in a group and meet other children. Apply to clubs with the same early education application (varhaiskasvatushakemus) that you use to apply for day care.

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Club activitiesFinnish | Swedish | English

Child care help service

If you are taking care of a child at home and temporarily need a carer for the child, for example to run errands, you can contact the child care help service (hoitoapupalvelu). The child care help is subject to a fee.

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Child care assistance serviceFinnish | English

Temporary child care

If you need a temporary childminder at home, you can contact the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare or Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland. Temporary child care help is subject to a fee.

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linkkiMannerheim League for Child Welfare:
Help for childcareFinnish | English

linkkiFamily Federation of Finland:
Childcare and domestic helpFinnish

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Help at home for families with childrenFinnish | English

Problems in the family

If you suspect that a child or young person needs help from Child Welfare (lastensuojelu), contact a social worker.

Emergency services for families with children and child welfare
tel. 09 839 33337, Mon–Fri 8 am–4 pm
e-mail: lastensuojeluilmoitukset.vantaa(at)

evenings and weekends
Social and Crisis Emergency Services
tel. 09 8392 4005

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Child welfare reportFinnish | English

You can find information about where you can find help for the problems of children and young people in Vantaa on the InfoFinland page Problem situations in Vantaa.

There is also information about the problems of children and young people on the InfoFinland pages Children’s and young people’s problems and Child welfare.


Vantaa has services especially designed for elderly persons. For more information about them, contact the Counselling for senior citizens.

Counselling for senior citizens
Tel.: 09 8392 4202
E-mail: seniorineuvonta(at)

If you care for a family member at home

If a family member needs constant care and the care is demanding and requires much commitment from you, it is possible to receive informal care support from the municipality.

The assessment of an elderly person’s informal care support is handled by Counselling for Senior Citizens.

To read more, go to: Elderly.

linkkiCity of Vantaa:
Guidance for elderly citizensFinnish | Swedish | English