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Find a job in Finland

If you are looking for work in Finland, explore vacancies, create networks for yourself, maintain your competence and contact the employers that interest you directly. You should also study Finnish or Swedish.


Search for vacancies on employment service websites, newspapers or social media services (for example, Facebook and LinkedIn). To find web pages for jobs, write “avoimet työpaikat” (vacancies) in the search engine’s text field.

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Tips for job huntingFinnish | Swedish | English

Create networks and maintain your competence

Networks are useful in seeking employment. Recognise and utilise your own network. Teachers, fellow students, acquaintances, ex-colleagues and supervisors may also be part of your network.

Ask other people for tips on job hunting or help for writing your job application. Also consider whether there is a person in your own network who could tell you about employment opportunities or recommend you.

Be active. Maintain your skills, follow the events and news of your own field, participate in further training and develop your previous competence.

Maintain and expand your network. Even short employment or practical training can help you expand your network. Visit professional events of your own field, engage in voluntary work or apply for mentoring activities. Bear in mind that voluntary work may affect your unemployment benefit.

Read more about voluntary work on the InfoFinland web page Voluntary work.

Learn Finnish or Swedish

When you know the language, it is easier to find work and handle matters in Finnish society. You can study Finnish and Swedish in various courses or independently on the Internet. Read more about studying languages on the InfoFinland page Finnish and Swedish.

Utilise social media in job hunting

Social networking services such as Facebook and LinkedIn are good tools for seeking employment. Many employers also use Twitter as a communication channel. In these services, you can search for information on vacancies and build professional networks. You can receive important information on the operation of different organisations and topical matters in different fields or participate in discussions.

Contact employers directly

You can contact interesting organisations directly and ask if they have vacancies. A large number of vacancies are hidden jobs. These vacancies are not advertised publicly; employers look for employees through their own networks. You can call the employer directly or send an open job application by email. Many companies also offer online open job application forms on their websites.

Employment services

You can also seek employment through companies that offer employment services. The work may be short-term, but it can give you useful experience and expand your networks. You make a contract with the company, which sends you to work at another employer. You can also find permanent employment through a company like this.

linkkiMinistry of Economic Affairs and Employment:
Guide to Temporary WorkFinnish | Swedish | English

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Rules for HR on recruiting foreign workersFinnish | English

Employ yourself as a freelancer or an entrepreneur

Freelance work means that you work for several clients without permanent employment based on a contract. As a freelancer, you must take care of tax matters and pension payments yourself.

You can invoice your work though an invoicing service without establishing your own company. This is called light entrepreneurship.

You can also start your own business. Find out more about starting a business on the InfoFinland web page Starting a business.

Bear in mind that working as a freelancer or an entrepreneur may affect your unemployment benefit.

The Employment and Economic Development Office and municipal employment services gives support when job hunting

The Employment and Economic Development Office or TE office (TE-toimisto) and your municipality’s employment services provide you with guidance on job hunting and information on vacancies and trainings.

If you do not have a job or become unemployed, register as an unemployed job seeker at the TE Office no later than on your first day of unemployment. Read more on the InfoFinland page If you become unemployed.

Registering as a customer

You can register as a jobseeker via the online service of the TE Services, at the nearest TE Office or by phone. The way you register depends on your country of citizenship. You can register by phone if you have already been a customer of the TE Office. In this case, your citizenship does not matter. Read more on the InfoFinland page: If you become unemployed.

If you are an unemployed job seeker, an integration or employment plan is prepared for you. You may also be entitled to unemployment benefit if you are working part-time. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

What services can you receive as an unemployed job seeker?

  • vocational education and training
  • integration training
  • training try-out
  • work try-out
  • wage-subsidised work
  • work training
  • vocational guidance and career guidance

linkkiMinistry of Economic Affairs and Employment:
Registering at the TE Office Finnish | Swedish | English

linkkiTE Services:
Videos and brochures for immigrantsFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Estonian | French | Somali | Spanish | Turkish | Chinese | Arabic

Integration training

If you have only recently moved to Finland and need support for integration, you can get to integration training municipality through the TE Office or your municipality’s employment services. The integration training can include Finnish language studies, other education or work try-out. You can also seek training yourself. You must make an agreement municipality with the TE Office or your municipality’s employment services regarding your training before starting it.

Read more on the InfoFinland page Settling in Finland.

linkkiMinistry of Economic Affairs and Employment:
Integration services for immigrantsFinnish | Swedish | English

Support for job hunting for under 30-year-olds from Ohjaamo

If you are under 30 years of age, you can get information on work, training and other everyday matters in Ohjaamo.

OhjaamoFinnish | Swedish | English

Education and work life guide for young people(pdf, 26 MB)Finnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Estonian | Somali

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Find a job in Finland
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