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Tax card

You need to have a tax card (verokortti) if you receive a salary or other income in Finland. The tax card shows your tax rate (veroprosentti). The employer will then know how much tax to withhold from your salary. Your tax rate depends on the amount of your income.

If you have just moved to Finland, you can receive a tax card from a tax office (verotoimisto). For the tax card, you need to estimate the amount of income you will receive during the whole year. You also need to have a Finnish personal identity code. You will receive a personal identity code when you register as a resident at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. You can also receive a personal identity code from a tax office. Read more on the page Registering as a resident.

When you live permanently in Finland, the Tax Administration will send you a new tax card each year in January. The Tax Administration will calculate an appropriate tax rate for you on the basis of how much you have earned in the previous year. Show the tax card to your employer. If you do not show the tax card to your employer, they will deduct 60% of your salary as taxes.

If your income decreases or increases during the year, order a new tax card. You can receive a new tax card:

  • from the MyTax online service of the Tax Administration
  • from a tax office

You can also order a tax card from the Tax Administration’s telephone service:

  • Finnish 029 497 000
  • Swedish 029 497 001
  • English 029 497 050

When you apply for a new tax card, you need the following information:

  • an estimate of how much income you will receive during the whole year in question
  • the amount of income you have received since the start of the year
  • the amount of taxes that has been withheld from your income since the start of the year
  • information on deductions that you will include in the taxation for the year in question

If you pay too much tax, you will receive a tax refund (veronpalautus). If you pay too little tax, you will have to pay back tax (jäännösvero).

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If you have several employers

If you have several employers, show your tax card to all of them. The same tax card is intended for all employers. You will pay the same amount of tax on all your income.

The tax card has an income limit according to which the tax rate is calculated. Be sure to keep track of your income. If you receive more income than you have reported, you will exceed your income limit. If you exceed your income limit, order a new tax card.

Tax number

You need to have a tax number (veronumero), if you work at a construction or installation site in Finland. The tax number is used to check that all workers are registered with the Finnish Tax Administration. Your tax number must be listed on your name tag with your photo, which will be provided for you by your employer. You are not allowed to work on a construction site without this tag.

You will receive the tax number from the tax office at the same time that you collect a tax card.

If you already have a Finnish personal identity code and a tax card, you will find the tax number in your tax card.

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