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Starting a business

How do I start a business? Here on the InfoFinland website you will find the basic information you need about establishing a business in Finland.

The basic stages of starting a business:

  • Come up with a good business idea
  • Make a business plan
  • Organise funding
  • Select your company form
  • Find out which permits you will need
  • Notify the Trade Register and the tax authorities of your company
  • Make sure you have the necessary insurance
  • Organise your accounting

Preparing for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship requires professional expertise, training, knowledge of one’s own line of business and local business legislation and experience of customers and sales channels. Don’t forget that there are also risks involved in entrepreneurship. Adequate finance and careful planning are essential.

In entrepreneurship it is most important to be as well prepared as possible as regards knowledge and skill, since starting a business with insufficient expertise and language ability is extremely risky.

If you want to establish a business, consider carefully whether your business idea is a good one. Consider too, whether you have sufficient professional skill and experience, and how you will arrange the financing. In matters relating to starting a business, you can ask for help and guidance from New Enterprise Centres.

Read more on the InfoFinland web page Business Advice.

Remember too, that a signature makes an agreement binding, so read all documents carefully before putting your name to any contracts.

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