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Entrepreneur’s social security

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Unemployment benefit

You may be entitled to unemployment benefit if you have become unemployed, were temporarily laid off or are an entrepreneur without work.

You can apply for unemployment benefit from Kela in the following situations:

  • You cannot receive earnings-related daily allowance from an unemployment fund; or
  • You are an entrepreneur whose full-time employment in the company has ended due to the coronavirus epidemic or your entrepreneurial income is less than €1,089.67 per month due to the epidemic.

Unemployment benefit in the coronavirus situationFinnish | Swedish | English

Supervision of the interests of entrepreneurs and counselling

The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK represents all private branches of business and companies of all sizes.

Industry federations are company lobbying organisations for enterprises operating in different fields. They often also offer their member companies various kinds of additional services, such as advice on entrepreneurship and on issues concerning the line of business in question.

linkkiConfederation of Finnish Industries:
Lobbying on behalf of entrepreneursFinnish | Swedish | English

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät) is a lobbying organisation for entrepreneurs which also produces various services for its members, for example, free telephone service offering advice on matters relating to entrepreneurship.

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Lobbying on behalf of entrepreneursFinnish | Swedish | English

The TE Office provides services in support of the development of business activities. You can also seek for a person to continue your business operations, or for a partner for your company through the TE Office.

Finnish Enterprise Agencies offer business advice free-of-charge in different parts of Finland. Business advice can help you in matters concerning your company’s operations or development.

linkkiThe Finnish Enterprise Agencies:
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Financial counselling

Enterprise Finland provides a free phone service that provides expert counselling if a company is facing financial difficulties. Counselling is available in Finnish and Swedish.

Financial Aid counselling service

  • in Finnish, Tel. 029 502 4880
  • in Swedish, Tel. 029 502 4881

The service is available from Monday to Friday 9:00–16:00.

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Financial counselling for entrepreneursFinnish | Swedish | English

Entrepreneur’s unemployment benefit

An entrepreneur is also entitled to unemployment benefit. An entrepreneur is unemployed when they have ended their business activities or sold their share of the company. Entrepreneurship can end in selling or dissolving the company, in bankruptcy, liquidation, or because of a divorce. An entrepreneur is also considered unemployed if business operations have been suspended for at least four months.

If you need to close down your business, you should immediately register yourself as unemployed in the TE Office online service. You are entitled to unemployment benefit starting from the day you registered your unemployment at the TE Office.

Information about entrepreneurs' social securityFinnish | Swedish | English

Earnings-related unemployment allowance (ansiopäiväraha)

If you want to be entitled to earnings-related unemployment allowance, you must join the unemployment fund for entrepreneurs (yrittäjien työttömyyskassa). If your business operations end, you may then apply for earnings-related daily allowance (ansiosidonnainen päiväraha) from the unemployment fund.

To receive earnings-related daily allowance from the unemployment fund, you must have been an entrepreneur and a member of the fund for a required time period before becoming unemployed. Earnings-related unemployment allowance is larger than basic unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy. Its size depends on the amount of earned income you have registered in the entrepreneur’s retirement pension insurance.

Unemployment fund for an entrepreneurFinnish | Swedish

Basic unemployment allowance

Kela can pay basic unemployment allowance (peruspäiväraha) to an unemployed entrepreneur who is not a member of an unemployment fund. You may receive basic unemployment allowance, if you meet an entrepreneur’s condition regarding previous employment and are covered by Finnish social security. The Kela website includes a calculator that can be used to estimate if you meet an entrepreneur’s condition regarding previous employment.

Labour market subsidy

If you are not eligible to receive basic unemployment allowance, but are covered by Finnish social security you can apply for labour market subsidy. Labour market subsidy is a means-tested benefit, meaning that any other income and your overall situation will influence the amount of labour market subsidy you receive.

Entrepreneur’s occupational health care (työterveyshuolto)

An entrepreneur and other persons working for themselves can organise occupational health care for themselves if they like. An entrepreneur is not obliged to arrange occupational health care for themselves. However, an entrepreneur must organise occupational health care for their employees. This can be arranged at the local health centre (terveyskeskus) or, for example, a private clinic. Read more on the InfoFinland web page Occupational health care.

Information for entrepreneurs about occupational health careFinnish | Swedish | English

When an entrepreneur falls ill

If you fall ill, Kela may pay you sickness allowance (sairauspäiväraha) which compensates for the loss of earnings due to incapacity for work if this incapacity continues for less than a year. Payments of daily allowance begin after the qualifying period for benefit (omavastuuaika). An entrepreneur’s qualifying period for benefit is usually the first day of illness plus the following three weekdays.

Entrepreneur's sickness allowanceFinnish | Swedish | English