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Your rights and obligations in Finland

Equality, religious freedom, freedom of expression and many other rights apply to everyone, including foreigners living in Finland.


  • Everyone has the right to equal treatment. No one must be treated differently based on gender, age, religion or handicap, for example.
  • Everyone has the right to freely express their opinions verbally or in writing.
  • People are allowed to hold meetings and demonstrations and participate in them. The police must be notified of all demonstrations in advance.
  • No one can be sentenced to death or tortured.
  • All people can choose their place of residence and freely travel within the country.
  • Everyone has a right to the protection of their privacy. No one is allowed to read another person’s letters or listen to someone else’s phone calls.
  • Everyone is free to choose their own religion. Should you not want to, you do not need to choose any religion.
  • Those foreigners permanently residing in Finland who are over 18 have a right to vote in municipal elections.
  • Foreigners who have the right to vote in municipal elections are also entitled to stand in the municipal elections.
  • EU citizens with a municipality of residence in Finland can vote in the European Parliament elections if they have been registered into the voting register (äänioikeusrekisteri).
  • EU country citizens included in the Finnish voting register can also stand in the Finnish European Parliament elections.

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  • All persons living or residing in Finland must adhere to Finnish legislation.
  • People between the ages of approximately 7 and 18 have compulsory education.
  • Often, those working in Finland must pay taxes to Finland from their salary.
  • Everyone is obligated to testify in court should they be summoned to do so.
  • Parents have the responsibility to take care of their children.
  • Everyone is obliged to lend their aid in the event of an accident.

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The rights and obligations of Finnish citizens

In addition to these, Finnish citizens have a number of rights and obligations that do not apply to foreigners living in Finland.

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