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Hobbies for children and young people

In Finland, the range of hobby activities available to children and young people is very diverse. They can engage in sports, dance, music, visual arts or theatre, to name only a few examples. Some of the activities are subject to a fee, but completely free hobbies are also available. In addition, municipalities organise guided activities for children and young people.

Children and Sports

Exercise for young children does not necessarily have to be instructed, but normal playing and outdoor activities in different environments are enough.

It is, however, good for young children to engage in as many different kinds of exercise as possible, as this will promote their motoric skills and health. Day-care centres provide some of the exercise that children need by organising games that feature moving around. Some sports clubs also organise exercise activities for young children.

Day care centres and schools take part in organising sports activities but it is not their primary function. A child will not get enough exercise by only participating in the physical education classes. Therefore, it is a good idea to provide children with the opportunities to engage in a sufficient amount of exercise outside the day care and school environments, as well.

Sports and Exercise

Sports can be practiced in teams, clubs or individually. Additional information on sports-related hobbies can be found on the Exercise pages of InfoFinland. For information on individual sports or on facilities where they can be practiced, contact the association for the sport you are interested in.


In addition to sports youngsters can engage in a variety of art hobbies, such as visual art, music and theatre. Related activities are organised by adult education centres, art schools, music schools and municipal youth services, for example. For information on hobby opportunities, schedules and prices, contact the organising party directly.

Youth Work

Municipal youth services are intended for children and young adults. The most common services include various clubs and open-to-all activities organised in youth centres. The services may vary slightly in different parts of the country. Additional information on youth activities organised by your municipality can be obtained from your local youth services. Many organisations and parishes also take part in youth work.

A youth centre is a place where young people can spend time and engage in a variety of recreational activities. Youth centres also organise guided activities. The youth centre activities are primarily free of charge.

The activities are organised based on the wishes of the young people, who can also influence the content themselves. There is always an adult – normally a municipal youth worker or youth instructor – present at a youth centre. The age limits for youth premises vary.

Young People and Social Involvement

Young people have a wide range of opportunities for social involvement. An easy way to start is to participate in the student body activities of your own school or educational institute, for example. Taking part in the activities of a student body or organisation is a good way to ensure that the voice of the young people is heard especially when decisions affecting their living environment are being made.

Specialised civic organisations have already been established for promoting numerous social issues. Many of these organisations and associations have separate youth divisions that organise activities for younger members. In addition, special organisations for young people, preadolescents and students are available.