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Dental care

Even if you have no pain or other symptoms, it is important to take regular dental checkups. Dental illnesses are easier to treat if discovered before any symptoms occur. Oral and dental health affect your overall health.

If you have a municipality of residence (kotikunta) in Finland, you are entitled to use public dental care services. You can find more information on the InfoFinland web page Municipality of residence in Finland.

In case of emergency, you can use municipal services even if you do not have a municipality of residence in Finland or a residence permit for Finland. The costs may be charged to you afterwards.

In Finland, health services are provided in Finnish and Swedish. You can usually use English, too. When you make an appointment with a dentist, ask if you can use an interpreter if you do not speak these languages. Read more on the InfoFinland page Do you need an interpreter?

When you have made an appointment with a dentist, it is important that you arrive at the dentist in good time. If you have an appointment but cannot make it, it is very important that you cancel it in good time, normally on the previous day. If you cannot make your appointment and you have not cancelled it, you will have to pay a fee.

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Public dental care services

Municipalities offer dental care at health centres (terveysasema) or dental clinics (hammashoitola).

When you want to make an appointment for dental care, call the dental care appointments desk in your locality. The need for treatment is usually estimated over the phone. If there is no urgent need for treatment, you may have to queue for several months. However, getting dental care must take no longer than six months.

When you need urgent care and want to make an appointment, call the emergency dental clinic’s appointments desk (päivystysajanvaraus). A severe ache, swelling or accident are reasons for seeking urgent care. Urgent cases are treated quickly.

In the evenings and at weekends, emergency care is centralised at larger units. If you live in a small community, you may have to travel to the nearest town for emergency care.

If you need more demanding procedures, such as dental surgery, make an appointment first with a dentist. The dentist will write you a referral to a specialised dentist, if necessary.

Private dental care services

You can also make an appointment with a private dentist. Private dental care is more expensive than public care. If you are covered by Finnish social security, Kela will pay a part of the fee. Kela will not, however, compensate dental care that is purely cosmetic in nature. More information is available on the Kela website.

For more information about the Finnish national health insurance, go to the InfoFinland web page Finnish social security.

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Children will be invited to a dental checkup by letter sent to their home address. Dental checkups are arranged for children on a regular basis. Public dental care is free of charge for children under the age of 18.