Asettuminen Kauniaisiin

Settling in Kauniainen

Information and integration services for immigrants

If you have questions about the services provided by the City of Kauniainen, you can contact them by e-mail at kauniainen(at) or by phone on 09 50561. The service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Helsinki-info, the City of Helsinki’s public information service, serves all immigrants in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Helsinki-infoFinnish | Swedish | English

International House Helsinki

If you have recently moved into the Helsinki metropolitan area, you can receive guidance and public services in one place at International House Helsinki (IHH).

linkkiInternational House Helsinki:
IHH – a service point for people moving to Finland English

Initial assesment and integration plan

An employee of the Employment and Economic Development Centre (TE Office) will conduct a preliminary assessment and prepare an integration plan with you when you register as a jobseeker.

linkkiMinistry of Employment and the Economy:
The employment and economic development offices of UusimaaFinnish | Swedish

If you are not a client of the TE Office, the preliminary assessment and integration plan will be conducted and prepared at the Social Welfare Office.

Contact information for the Social Welfare Office:

Grani Shopping Centre
Kauniaistentie 7
02700 Kauniainen
Tel. (09) 50 561

linkkiCity of Kauniainen:
Social welfare officeFinnish | Swedish

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Do you need an interpreter?

If you do not speak Finnish or Swedish, you can use an interpreter when attending to your affairs with the authorities.

You can use an interpreter whenever you want if you pay the costs and book the interpreter yourself. In some cases, you can obtain an interpreter through the authorities. This means that the interpretation services will not cost you anything.

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linkkiThe Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters:
Search for an interpreter or a translatorFinnish | Swedish | English