Koulutus Kauniaisissa

Education in Kauniainen

Early childhood education

Kauniainen has city-owned and private day-care centres as well as private family day care providers. Day care is available in Finnish or Swedish. Kauniainen also has one English-language day-care centre.

Please apply for a day-care position for your child at least four months before you wish the service to begin. If you are applying for a day-care position for the first time, use an electronic application.

You can also obtain an application form from a day-care centre or the City Hall information point. Return the application to the day-care centre or City Hall.

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Early childhood educationFinnish | Swedish | English

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Applying for a day care positionFinnish | Swedish

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English-Finnish day-care centreFinnish | Swedish

Preschool education

In Kauniainen, preschool education is organised at day-care centres. Preschool education begins in August, and the application period is open at the beginning of each year.

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Information about preschool educationFinnish | Swedish

Comprehensive education

Kauniainen has both a Finnish-language and Swedish-language comprehensive school Enrolments for comprehensive school must be submitted at the beginning of the year. If you have questions about comprehensive education, please contact the School Office.

School Office
Kauniainen City Hall
Kauniaistentie 10
02700 Kauniainen
Tel. (09) 50 561 (exchange)

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Basic education and upper secondary schoolFinnish | Swedish | English

International schools in the Helsinki Metropolitan AreaFinnish

International schools in the Helsinki Metropolitan AreaEnglish

Vocational education

The nearest vocational schools are located in Espoo and Helsinki.

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Vocational educationFinnish | English

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Vocational education and trainingFinnish | English

Upper secondary schools

Kauniainen has two upper secondary schools, one of which provides education in Finnish and the other in Swedish.

Espoo has an upper secondary school for adults, where adults can complete upper secondary school and the matriculation examination

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Basic education and upper secondary schoolFinnish | Swedish | English

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Upper secondary school for adultsFinnish

Higher education

A unit of the HUMAK University of Applied Sciences operates in connection to Kauniainen’s Työväen Akatemia (Workers’ Academy), which provides the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree in culture production.

At the universities and institutes of higher education in Espoo and Helsinki, you can study many fields. Read more about institutes of higher education in Espoo and Helsinki on the city websites.

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Information about the HUMAK University of Applied SciencesFinnish | English

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Vocational training and higher education institutesFinnish | English

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UniversitiesFinnish | Swedish | English

Other study opportunities

At the Kauniainen Adult Education Centre, you can study languages, crafts and cooking, for example, or engage in guided exercise.

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Adult education centreFinnish | Swedish | English

The Kauniainen Art School provides children and young people with the opportunity to study visual arts, while the local music school educates both children and adults in music.

linkkiKauniainen School of Fine Arts:
Information about the School of Fine ArtsFinnish | Swedish

linkkiKauniaisten musiikkiopisto:
Information about the School of MusicFinnish | Swedish

Kauniainen is home to the Finnish Bible Institute, which is a Christian education establishment. There you can complete individual courses or study in one of the institute’s programmes. The programmes last 1–2 years. The Finnish Bible Institute also has a study programme specifically intended for immigrants.

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Christian adult education centreFinnish | English

Työväen Akatemia offers education in many university disciplines, along with coaching for those who want to get into a university.

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Information about Työväen AkatemiaFinnish | English

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