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Before getting married, you must request in writing an examination of the possible impediments to your marriage (avioliiton esteiden tutkiminen). This examination is performed at a local register office (maistraatti). You can submit the examination request to any of the offices.

Local Register Office of Uusimaa, Espoo unit

Miestentie 3
02150 Espoo
Puh. 02 955 39391

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linkkiLocal Register Office:
Marriage ceremonyFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiLocal Register Office:
Request for an examination of impediments to marriageFinnish | Swedish


Women and men can file for divorce at the office of the District Court of Länsi-Uusimaa. You can also file for divorce alone, without the consent of your spouse. Applications can be sent to the District Court office by post, fax or e-mail.

District Court of Länsi-Uusimaa (Länsi-Uudenmaan käräjäoikeus)
Vitikka 1 B 2
02630 Espoo
Tel. 029 564 4000
E-mail: lansi-uusimaa.ko(at)

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linkkiDistrict Court of Länsi-Uusimaa:
Contact informationFinnish | Swedish

Children in a divorce

If you have children under 13 years of age and you are planning a divorce, please contact a family counselling centre (perheneuvola). At the family counselling centre, you can discuss the situation of your family with professionals. The contact information for the family counselling centres can be found on the City of Espoo website.

If you are contemplating divorce, you can also contact the child welfare supervisor (lastenvalvoja) of the family affairs unit. With the child welfare supervisor, you can discuss the divorce and the future of your children. The spouses must reach a mutual agreement on where the children will live as well as on meeting rights and child support. The child welfare supervisors affirm the agreement. The contact information for the child welfare supervisors can be found on the City of Espoo website.

The City of Espoo has a telephone helpline that provides assistance in matters regarding children of divorcing parents.

Tel. 046 877 3267

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linkkiCity of Espoo:
Contact information for child welfare supervisorsFinnish | Swedish

linkkiCity of Espoo:
Divorce in a family with childrenFinnish | Swedish

Taking care of a child

Information on the day care of children in Espoo is available on the InfoFinland page Education in Espoo.

Temporary childcare

You can take your child to park aunties for temporary childcare. This is short-term care of children (2-3 hours at a time), which takes place outside at a playground. You can get more information on park aunties by phone. Telephone numbers can be found on the website of the City of Espoo.

linkkiCity of Espoo:
Park auntiesFinnish

If you need a temporary nanny in your home you can contact the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (Mannerheimin lastensuojeluliitto) or Väestöliitto.

linkkiFamily Federation of Finland:
Childcare and domestic helpFinnish

linkkiMannerheim League for Child Welfare:
ChildcareFinnish | Swedish | English

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Child home care allowance

If the youngest child of the family is under three years of age, a parent may receive child home care allowance (kotihoidon tuki) if he or she takes care of the child at home. If you are entitled to child home care allowance, you can apply for it from Kela. You can fill in the application online or post it to Kela. You can also visit a Kela office. Espoo has four Kela offices.

The City of Espoo pays an additional Espoo supplement to families who care for a child under 3 years of age at home. Parents who care for all under-school-age children of the family are entitled to apply for the Espoo supplement.

linkkiCity of Espoo:
Child care at homeFinnish | Swedish | English

Information about child home care supportFinnish | Swedish | English

Electronic servicesFinnish | Swedish | English

Contact information for KelaFinnish | Swedish | English

Resident playgrounds and clubs

The City of Espoo organises plenty of activities for parents who care for their children at home, including resident playgrounds, open day-care centres and playgroups.

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linkkiCity of Espoo:
Resident playgrounds and playgroupsFinnish | English


Elderly people can use the services of regular health stations. In addition, Espoo provides specialised elderly services, such as home care services. If you would like more information on elderly services, contact Guidance for Elderly Citizens (Seniorineuvonta).

Tel. (09) 816 33333

linkkiCity of Espoo:
Guidance for elderly citizensFinnish | Swedish | English

If you care for a family member at home

If you are taking care of an elderly, ill or disabled family member at home, you may be entitled to informal care allowance.

linkkiCity of Espoo:
Informal care allowanceFinnish | Swedish

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Problems in a family

Information on where to get help in Espoo for problems related to children, young people and families is available on the InfoFinland page Problem situations in Espoo.

There is also information on children's and young people's problems on the InfoFinland pages Children's and young people's problems and Where to find help for children's and young people's problems?

Information on where to get help for problems in a relationship is available on the InfoFinland page Problems in marriage and relationships.