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Intoxicant abuse

You can seek help with alcohol and drug problems in the following places:

Health centre

You can contact the nearest health centre (terveysasema) if you have alcohol or drug problems.


A-Clinics (A-klinikka) are treatment units where those who suffer from problems with intoxicants and addiction as well as their family members and friends, can receive help and support The website of the A-Clinic Foundation lists the contact information of A-clinics throughout Finland. A-Clinics do not require a referral, you can make an appointment yourself. Several clinics also have on-call hours, during which treatment can be sought without an appointment. The A-clinic services of your municipality of residence are free of charge if you are permanently residing in Finland. Treatment at an A-Clinic is confidential.

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Help for intoxicant addiction

AddictionLink online service

The Päihdelinkki online service maintained by the A-Clinic Foundation contains information on intoxicant abuse and addictions. Some of the AddictionLink services are also available in Swedish, English and Russian.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (Anonyymit Alkoholistit), or AA, is a peer association for men and women to share experiences about alcoholism and to help each other recover. AA groups meet in many different municipalities, and the largest cities also have English-speaking groups.

Al-Anon offers support to friends and families of alcoholics. There is an English-speaking Al-Anon group that meets in Helsinki.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous (Nimettömät narkomaanit), or NA, offers support, information and group meetings. You can become a member if you have a desire to stop using drugs. Information on the meetings is available on the website in Finnish, English and Swedish.