Asuminen Ylivieskan seudulla

Housing in the Ylivieska Region

Rental dwelling

Rental dwellings are offered by municipalities, companies and private house owners. More information on rental dwellings in the municipalities in the Ylivieska region is available on the municipalities' websites.

Dwellings available for rent are advertised by companies and private persons online and in local newspapers, for example.

Further information: Rental dwelling.

linkkiMunicipality of Alavieska:
Rental housing in AlavieskaFinnish

linkkiTown of Oulainen:
Rental housing in OulainenFinnish

linkkiMunicipality of Sievi:
Rental housing in SieviFinnish

linkkiTown of Ylivieska:
Rental housing in YlivieskaFinnish

You can also search for rental dwellings from the following housing websites:

linkkiSearch for rental dwellings:
vuokraovi.comFinnish | English

linkkiSearch for rental dwellings:

Owner-occupied housing

Most Finns live in owner-occupied dwellings, in other words in dwellings they themselves own. If you buy your own dwelling, it is often more profitable in the long term than living in a rental dwelling. Adverts for available dwellings can be found online and in local newspapers.

Further information: Owner-occupied housing.

Temporary housing

You can find information on accommodation services in the Ylivieska region on the municipalities' websites.

Further information: Temporary housing.

linkkiMunicipality of Alavieska:
Accommodation servicesFinnish

linkkiTown of Oulainen:
Accommodation servicesFinnish

linkkiMunicipality of Sievi:
Accommodation servicesFinnish

linkkiTown of Ylivieska:
Accommodation servicesFinnish | English

Accommodation in a crisis situation

If your dwelling has been damaged as a result of a fire or water damage, for example, home insurance can, in some cases, cover a part of the additional living expenses. Contact your insurance company as soon as the damage occurs.

If a member of your family uses violence against you or threatens to do so, you can seek protection in a shelter by contacting the social emergency services in your municipality during office hours at 8 am–4 pm. Outside office hours you can contact social emergency services by calling the general emergency number 112. If necessary, an on-call social worker will issue the shelter with a financial commitment, which means that the social welfare office will pay for your stay in the shelter.

Social emergency services in Alavieska, Sievi and Ylivieska
Telephone: (08) 419 6870

Social emergency service in Oulainen
Telephone: 044 4793 282

Further information: Accommodation in a crisis situation.

Supported and service housing

A person who cannot live independently can receive a place in a service home. Service housing is a housing type meant for elderly people who need assistance and care at night in addition to continuous daily support and help. There are service homes in Alavieska, Nivala, Sievi, Ylivieska and Oulainen. A representative of the Health and Social Services Federation of Municipalities (peruspalvelukuntayhtymä) will assess the customer's need for help if he or she wishes to live in a service home.

Alavieska, Nivala, Sievi and Ylivieska
more information is available from service coordinators on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Telephone: 044 419 5447 and 044 419 5445

in Oulainen
Telephone: SAS nurse, 044 4793 557
Telephone: Director of home care, 044 4793 540

Further information: Supported and service housing.

linkkiKallio federation of municipalities for providing basic services (Peruspalvelukuntayhtymä Kallio):
Sheltered housing in Alavieska, Sievi, Ylivieska and NivalaFinnish

linkkiTown of Oulainen:
Sheltered housing in OulainenFinnish | English


If you become homeless, you can contact the social services centre for guidance and advice.

Alavieska, Sievi, Ylivieska and Nivala:
Social services centre
Telephone: (08) 419 5729
Address: Pistotie 1, 84100 Ylivieska

Social welfare office
Telephone: 044 4793 284
Address: Lautatarhankatu 7 A, 86300 Oulainen

Further information: Accommodation in a crisis situation.

Housing allowance

If you have a low income, you may be entitled to Kela's housing allowance. You can apply for housing allowance at a Kela office.

Kela Ylivieska office
Kyöstintie 8, 84100 Ylivieska

Kela Oulainen office
Oulaistenkatu 36, 86300 Oulainen

Kela Alavieska citizen's office
Pappilantie 1, 85200 Alavieska

Kela Sievi citizen's office
Haikolantie 16, 85410 Sievi

Check the opening hours of Kela's offices on Kela's website. You can also apply for housing allowance online.

Further information: Housing allowance.

linkkiKela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland):
Search for a customer service pointFinnish | Swedish | English

Waste management and recycling

You can take all waste for which your house does not have a collection container to recycling drop-off points. These include metal, glass and toxic chemicals, for example. Please check in advance on the types of waste the recycling drop-off point accepts.

You can find more information on waste management and recycling drop-off points on the waste management company Vestia's website, for example. You can also check the location of drop-off points from the Finnish Solid Waste Association’s recycling info (kierrä web service.

Further information: Waste management and recycling.

linkkiVestia Ltd:
Waste management company Vestia OyFinnish

linkkiFinnish Solid Waste Association:
Kierrätys-info online information service on recyclingFinnish | Swedish | English