Suomen ja ruotsin kieli Ylivieskan seudulla

Finnish and Swedish in the Ylivieska Region

Opportunities to study Finnish or Swedish

Haapavesi Folk High School offers education in Finnish language and culture for immigrants, a spring course on Finnish for immigrants, Finnish in working life for immigrants, preparatory education for immigrants wishing to enter vocational education, a preparatory course on a Finnish language certificate for immigrants and a preparatory course on the joint application system and entry examinations for immigrants.

Ylivieska Vocational College offers preparatory education for immigrants wishing to enter vocational education. In addition, Finnish and Swedish lessons are offered by the Ylivieska Adult Education Centre (Ylivieskan kansalaisopisto) and the Jokilatva Adult Education Centre (Jokilatvan Opisto) in Nivala. It is also possible to receive Finnish or Swedish lessons as labour market training that can be applied for through a TE Office.

Further information: Studying Finnish and Swedish.

linkkiHaapavesi Folk High School:
Haapavesi Folk High SchoolFinnish

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Ylivieska Vocational CollegeFinnish | English

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Ylivieska Adult Education CentreFinnish

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Jokilatva Adult Education CentreFinnish

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Public services provided by the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office)Finnish | Swedish | English