Perhe Ylivieskan seudulla

Family in the Ylivieska Region


Before getting married, you must request in writing an examination of the possible impediments to your marriage. This examination is performed at a Local Register Office. The written request can be submitted to any Local Register Office. You can find information on the Local Register Office's website.

Civil marriages are also performed at Local Register Offices.

Ylivieska unit
Valtakatu 4, 3rd floor
84100 Ylivieska
Telephone: 029 553 9040
Online reservations:, info.pohjois-suomi(at)

Further information: Marriage.


The wife or husband alone or both spouses together can file for a divorce. A registered partnership can be dissolved on request by one or both partners. A divorce application can be filed at a District Court in either spouse’s municipality. A divorce must be applied for at a District Court by written application. A registered partnership is dissolved in the same way as a marriage.

Ylivieska-Raahe District Court
Ylivieska office
Street address: Virastotalo, Valtakatu 4, 84100 Ylivieska
Postal address: P.O. Box 32, 84101 Ylivieska
Telephone: 029 56 49400
Email: ylivieska-raahe.ko(at)

Further information: Divorce.

Children in a divorce

If your family includes children and your marriage comes to an end, you should contact a child supervisor. The child supervisor will confirm an agreement on living arrangements, custody, visitation rights and child maintenance support.

Contact information for child supervisors:

Alavieska and Ylivieska
Telephone: (08) 419 5711 and 044 419 5711
phone consultation Tue–Thu at 12 noon–1 pm

Sievi and Nivala
Telephone: 08 419 6876 and 044 419 6876
phone consultation Tue–Thu at 12 noon–1 pm

Telephone: 044 4793 281
phone consultation Mon–Fri at 12 noon–1.30 pm

Further information: Children in a divorce.

linkkiKallio federation of municipalities for providing basic services (Peruspalvelukuntayhtymä Kallio):
Child welfare supervision in Alavieska, Sievi, Ylivieska and NivalaFinnish

When you are pregnant

Make an appointment at the local maternity clinic as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. The well-being of the mother, baby and the whole family is monitored at a maternity clinic during pregnancy.

Appointments at a maternity clinic:
Alavieska, Mon–Fri at 12 noon–1 pm
Telephone: (08) 419 6302

Sievi, Mon–Fri at 12 noon–1 pm
Telephone: (08) 419 6004 and (08) 419 6007

Ylivieska, Mon–Fri at 8 am–11 am
Telephone: (08) 419 5101

Nivala, Mon–Thu at 8 am–11 am
Telephone: (08) 419 6501

Oulainen, Mon–Tue and Thu–Fri at 8.00 am–8.30 am and 11.30 am–12.00 noon
Telephone: 044 479 3451
Mon–Fri at 8.00 am–8.30 am
Telephone: 044 479 3436

Further information: When you are expecting a baby.

Child care

You can apply for municipal day care for a child under school age. Day care can be arranged by a municipal or private day care centre. Day care can be arranged for a full day or part of a day in a day care centre, group family day care, or family day care.

Alavieska, Sievi and Ylivieska

Apply for municipal day care at least four (4) months before your child is due to start day care. A day care place can be granted within two weeks after you have submitted an application form if you suddenly get a job or place of study. Application forms are available at day care offices or you can also print an application form and use an electronic application.

Street addresses of day care offices:

Pappilantie 1, 85200 Alavieska

Lautatarhankatu 7, 86300 Oulainen

Haikolantie 16, 85410 Sievi

Vierimaantie 3, 84100 Ylivieska

More information on day care and applying for day care in the Ylivieska region is available on the municipalities' websites.

Further information: Child care.

linkkiMunicipality of Alavieska:
Early educationFinnish

linkkiMunicipality of Sievi:
Early educationFinnish

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Early educationFinnish

Looking after a child at home

You can receive child home care allowance from Kela for the care of a child under the age of three at home or in private day care, when the child is not in municipal day care. The carer can be the child’s mother or father, for example, or another person (such as a relative) or a private day care provider (such as a private day care centre).

If you are entitled to child home care allowance, apply for it from Kela. You can fill in an application form online by using your online banking credentials, or you can complete an application form and send it to Kela by post. You can also take the form to a Kela office. More information is available on Kela's website.

Further information: Looking after a child at home.

linkkiKela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland):
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