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Coronavirus Instructions in Different LanguagesFinnish

Accidents and emergencies (A&E) and first aid

If you need urgent medical attention, contact your own health station (terveysasema) first. Call the health station and make an appointment. The health stations are open Mon-Thu from 08:00 to 16:00 and Fri from 08:00 to 14:15.

If your local health station is closed, you can go to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department of Vaasa Central Hospital in urgent cases. Before you consider leaving for the A&E, call the emergency services helpline: 116 117, Mon-Thu from 15:00 to 08:00, Fri from 14:00 to 08:00, and on weekends and holidays around the clock.

In an emergency, call the emergency number 112.

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Health Station ServicesFinnish | Swedish | English

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First Aid and EmergenciesFinnish | Swedish | English

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Accident and Emergency ClinicFinnish | Swedish | English

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Health services

There are five regional health stations in Vaasa. Your local health station is your primary place of care in all cases of sickness. Your health station is determined by the postal code of your home address, but you can also choose your own health station.

All times for healthcare appointments must be booked in advance. Health stations are open Mon-Thu from 08:00 to 16:00 and Fri from 08:00 to 14:15. To leave a call-back request, press 1. Call-back requests are answered as soon as possible.

Telephone numbers for health stations:

Gerby health station tel. 06 325 1711
Kirkkopuistikko health station tel. 06 325 1666
Ristinummi health station tel. 06 325 1691
Tammikaivo health station tel. 06 325 1703 ja 06 325 1770
Vähäkyrö health station tel. 06 325 8500

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Health Station ServicesFinnish | Swedish | English

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Children’s health

When a child becomes ill, contact a health station if needed.

Healthcare for children under school age is taken care of at child health clinics. The clinic handles health check-ups and vaccinations for children, as well as monitoring the child's growth and development. You can book a time for the children's clinic by calling your local clinic, or via the electronic appointment system.

School nurses take care of the health of school-age children. You can find more formation on the City of Vaasa website.

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Child Welfare ClinicFinnish | Swedish | English

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School Health CareFinnish | Swedish

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Student healthcare

Student healthcare provides healthcare services in Vaasa for the students of upper secondary level schools; including general upper secondary schools (lukio) and vocational education and training schools (ammattikoulu), as well as the students of folk high schools, regardless of what the student’s permanent place of residence is. Contact information can be found on the City of Vaasa website.

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) (YTHS Ylioppilaiden Terveydenhoitosäätiö) provides healthcare for students attending universities and universities of applied sciences.

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Healthcare for StudentsFinnish | Swedish

Finnish Student Health ServicesFinnish | Swedish | English

Dental care

The periodic dental check-ups for children under school age are at 1-, 3- and 5-years old. The parent of the child must book the appointment for the check-up. For more information, contact your local dental clinic.

Dental care for school-age children is arranged through the school.

Adults can make an appointment for dental care by calling tel. (06) 325 2202 Mon-Thu 09:00-15:30, Fri 09:00-15:00.

You can book an appointment for urgent dental care by calling (06) 325 2202. Mon - Thu 07:30 – 15:30 and Fri 07:30–15:00.

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Dental CareFinnish | Swedish | English

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Mental health

If you need help with mental health issues, contact your own health station. Doctors at health stations can write a referral to mental health services and, if necessary, to psychiatric treatment.

Youth Center Klaara (Nuorisoasema Klaara) offers services to 13-24 year olds. The services are focused on the prevention and treatment of mental health, substance abuse, and life management problems. The services are confidential, voluntary, and free of charge. A referral is not required.

The Horizon Centre for Mental Health and Substance Abuse (Horisontti) offers non-urgent, outpatient mental-health services to people aged 25 and over in Vaasa. The services are voluntary, confidential, and free of charge for the customers. A referral is not required.

Ostrobothnian Crisis Center Valo (Pohjanmaan kriisikeskus Valo) offers discussion assistance when you are facing a crisis or want support in a difficult life situation. No referral or diagnosis is required from customers. You can contact Valo from the link below.

If you want help over the phone, you can call a national crisis number and discuss things that are weighing on your mind. Calls are confidential and the caller does not have to identify themselves. Conversation help is available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Arabic.

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Youth Centre KlaaraFinnish | Swedish | English

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Horizon Centre for Mental Health and Substance AbuseFinnish | Swedish | English

Ostrobothnian Crisis Center ValoFinnish | Swedish | English

Crisis HelplineFinnish | Swedish | English

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Sexual health

You can contact Family Planning with questions about contraception and family planning. Contraception services are intended for women under the age of 50 in Vaasa. Upper secondary and vocational school students in Vaasa can use the family planning services even if they are not permanent residents of Vaasa. You can book an appointment from the link.

The STI outpatient clinic examines and treats patients with STIs and provides preventive counselling. All Vaasa residents and students in Vaasa can visit a nurse at the STI outpatient clinic without an appointment. The nurse will discuss your situation with you and make referrals for any necessary laboratory tests.

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Family PlanningFinnish | Swedish | English

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Sexually Transmitted Infections Outpatient ClinicFinnish | Swedish


The wellbeing of the mother, the baby and the whole family during a pregnancy is monitored by the maternity clinic. Contact your local clinic as soon as you realise that you are expecting a baby. The services of the maternity clinic are free of charge. Contact information for the clinics can be found on the city’s website.

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Maternity ClinicFinnish | Swedish

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Family CoachingFinnish | Swedish

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Vaasa Central Hospital serves as the maternity hospital in the Vaasa area. The maternity ward is open 24 hours a day. You can call the maternity ward when you are about to leave for the hospital to give birth, or if you want to ask for advice.

The maternity ward is located on the fourth floor of the main building, B4. When you arrive on the floor, ring the doorbell. The front door is locked at night, from 22:00 to 06:00. Ring the doorbell next to the main door downstairs.

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Pregnancy and LaborFinnish | Swedish | English

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Delivery RoomFinnish | Swedish | English

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Disability services

The City of Vaasa arranges aids, rehabilitation and day and work activities for people with disabilities.

Disability services provide services in accordance with the Disability Services Act and provide financial support to people with disabilities. Decisions under the Disability Services Act are made by a social worker. Contact information for the disability service can be found on the City of Vaasa Adult Social Work website.

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Daily Support for Disabled PersonsFinnish | Swedish

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Adult Social WorkFinnish | Swedish

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