Työ ja yrittäjyys Vaasassa

Employment and entrepreneurship in Vaasa

Where to find work?

You can search for jobs on the internet and in newspapers. Enter “vacancies” in the text box of the search engine and you will find links to available vacancies. On many job pages, you can leave your job application and resume (CV) for your employer to read. You can contact employers directly and send an open application to the employer you are interested in.

You can also search for jobs through social media (Facebook, LinkedIn). You can also utilise your own networks.

Ostrobothnian TE Office

You can get help with searching for a job from the TE-services Office (TE-toimisto) in Ostrobothnia (Employment and Economic Development Office). You can also find thousands of vacancies across Finland on the TE-services online vacancies page.

You can contact TE-services electronically, by telephone or by visiting, for example the Vaasa office, in person.

The address of TE-services in Vaasa is

Wolffintie 35 B
65101 VAASA

The national TE telephone services provide information, advice and guidance on TE-services, as well as support for the use of online services.

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Public Employment and Business ServicesFinnish | Swedish | English

TE Office in OstrobothniaFinnish | Swedish

Telephone Service for Personal CustomersFinnish | Swedish | English

Integration Services for ImmigrantsFinnish | Swedish | English

Videos and Brochures for ImmigrantsFinnish | Swedish | English

TE Services' job Advertisements WebsiteFinnish | Swedish

linkkiCity of Vaasa:
Vacancies in the City of VaasaFinnish | Swedish | English

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Vacancies in Vaasa RegionFinnish | Swedish | English

For young people - personal support from the One-Stop Guidance Center

People under the age of 30 can receive advice and guidance on employment and training issues from the Vaasa One-Stop Guidance Center.

One-Stop Guidance Center (Ohjaamo)

Raastuvankatu 30, 2nd floor
65100 VAASA

linkkiCity of Vaasa:
One-Stop Guidance CenterFinnish | Swedish | English

Starting a business

If you want to set up a business, you can get help and support from the Enterprise Agency Startia. It is a service provided by the Vaasa Region Enterprise Agency VASEK. You can book an appointment for some free of charge advice.

Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK - Enterprise Agency Startia (Vaasanseudun Kehitys Oy VASEK - Vaasanseudun Uusyrityskeskus Startia)

Alatori 1 A, 3rd floor
65100 VAASA

Vaasa Region Enterprise AgencyFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiCity of Vaasa:
Business ServicesFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiFederation of Finnish Enterprises:
Coastal Ostrobothnia EntrepreneursFinnish | Swedish | English

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In order to be able to work in Finland, you will need a tax card. You can get it from the Vaasa tax office (Vaasan verotoimisto). You can also order your tax card from the tax administration’s website.

Tax office information:

Vaasa Tax Office
Poikkikuja 7, Vaasa

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linkkiTax Administration:
Telephone Advice from the Tax AdministrationFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiTax Administration:
Tax Administration Instructions for those Who Move to FinlandFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiTax Administration:
Vaasa Tax OfficeFinnish | Swedish | English

If you become unemployed

Citizens of EU and EEA countries can register as jobseekers electronically in the online service of TE-services in the section “E-Services”.

If you cannot register as a jobseeker online or you are not a Finnish citizen, visit the TE-services Office (TE-toimisto).

TE Office Vaasa:
Wolffintie 35 B,
65101 VAASA

Once you have registered as a jobseeker at the TE-services office, you can apply for unemployment benefits (unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy) from Kela. If you are a member of an unemployment fund and/or a trade union, you can apply for an earnings-related unemployment allowance from your unemployment fund.

Public Employment and Business ServicesFinnish | Swedish | English

Contact Information for CustomersFinnish | Swedish | English

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A pension is paid by earnings-related pension institutions and Kela. Information on pensions and applying for a pension can be found on Kela’s website and on InfoFinland’s webpage Pension.

Pension BenefitsFinnish | Swedish | English