Asettuminen Turkuun

Settling in Turku

You can find important information from the page Settling in Finland.

Counselling and integration

All Turku residents may use all public municipal services. Turku also has many different services and training courses for immigrants.

There is a summary of all services targeted at immigrants at one page

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ImmigrantsFinnish | Swedish | English


Infotori is a counselling centre for all immigrants to the city of Turku and its nearest municipalities.

Skanssi Shopping Centre, 2nd floor
Skanssinkatu 10, 20730 Turku
Tel. 040 175 9584

Information and counselling is offered, for example, on the following subjects:

  • Residence permit and citizenship
  • Work and work permits
  • Accommodation
  • Education
  • Financial problems and social security
  • Documents and filling in forms

Infotori provides information and counselling in 12 different languages every day or according to a separate schedule.

You can come to the counselling centre during on-call hours or by making an appointment.

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Infotori – a low-threshold info pointFinnish | Swedish | English

Initial assessment and integration plan

Once you have registered as an unemployed job-seeker, an initial assessment and integration plan will be made for you at the Southwest Finland Employment and Economic Development Office.

Contact information for the Turku office of the Southwest Finland Employment and Economic Development Office.

Valtion virastotalo
Itsenäisyydenaukio 2
20800 Turku

The initial assessment and integration plan for immigrants under the age of 25 or who have been unemployed for more than a year will be done at the City of Turku Työpiste until 31 December 2018.

Käsityöläiskatu 10
20100 Turku
Opening hours Mon-Fri 8.30 am - 4.00 pm
Telephone: Customer service, tel. (02) 262 5072

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Integrating into Finland

linkkiMinistry of Employment and the Economy:
The Southwest Finland Employment and Economic Development OfficeFinnish | Swedish

linkkiCity of Turku:
Office for Immigration ServicesFinnish | Swedish | English

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Employment and Entrepreneur Services for ImmigrantsFinnish | English

Immigrant Office

The Immigrant Office supports immigrants from a refugee background and their families to integrate within about three years of their immigration.

Contact information for the Immigrant Office:
Linnankatu 23
20100 Turku
Telephone switchboard (02) 330 000

The services of the immigrant office are:

  • Reception services and initial assessment
  • Health care during the reception stage
  • Immigration inspection
  • Counselling and guidance on integration

The Immigration Office’s KOTO function also organises group activity that provides teaching of the Finnish language and society and promoting integration for full-time mothers and the elderly, amongst others.

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Social Services for ImmigrantsFinnish | Swedish | English

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Office for Immigration ServicesFinnish | Swedish | English

Do you need an interpreter?

If you don’t speak Finnish or Swedish, you may use an interpreter to handle matters with the authorities.

In some cases, you have the right to an interpreter provided by the authorities. In such cases, the interpretation is free of charge for you. You can ask about interpretation in advance from the appropriate authority.

You can use an interpreter whenever you want, as long as you pay the costs and order the interpreter yourself.

In Turku, interpreting and translation services are provided by, for example:

The Turku Region Interpretation Centre
Linnankatu 23
20100 Turku
Tel. (02) 262 6321

or tulkkaukset.tulkkikeskus(a)

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Turku Region Interpretation CentreInterpretation and Translation ServicesFinnish | Swedish

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Do you need an interpreter?