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Health in Turku

This page contains information about health services in Turku. Other important information on the subject can be found at Health.

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In emergencies, call the emergency number 112.

Call the emergency number, for example in case of a serious accident or if someone has a seizure. Do not call the emergency number if it is not a real emergency.


Your own health centre is your primary place of care in all cases of sickness on weekdays Mon-Fri 8.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. The need for and urgency of treatment will be assessed when you contact your health centre. In urgent cases, treatment will be administered the same day.

In the evenings, at night and during weekends, in urgent cases contact

Turku Region General Accident & Emergency:
Savitehtaankatu 1 (Turku University Hospital (TYKS) T Hospital)
20520 Turku
Centralised telephone number for telephone advice: (02) 313 8800

Terveysasemien päivystys

In urgent problems and emergencies related to pregnancy, contact TYKS Labour Ward.

Labour Ward Finnish | Swedish | English

Health services in Turku

If Turku is your home municipality, you can use public health services. Public health services are provided by health centres, dental surgeries, clinics and hospitals. If you are not entitled to use the services of public healthcare, you can seek help from a private health centre.

Turku has six regional health centres, two health stations and a Swedish-speaking surgery. Your own health centre is your primary place of care in all cases of sickness. Your health centre is determined by your postcode and street address, but you may also choose your own health centre. The health centres have both doctors’ and nurses’ surgeries.

Health services for those who have come to Turku as refugees, however, are primarily arranged at the Immigrant Services Office, where immigration checks are also carried out. Asylum seekers receive healthcare at the reception centre. Turku City Hospital offers Turku residents specialised care in many special fields. You can receive treatment there principally through a referral by a doctor or nurse.

All appointments at healthcare surgeries must be booked in advance. Health centres are open Mon-Fri 8.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m., and the appointment booking numbers are answered Mon 7.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. and Tues-Fri 8.00 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.

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Health centre servicesFinnish | Swedish | English

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Appointment Booking by PhoneFinnish | Swedish | English

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Turku City HospitalFinnish

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Health Care at the Immigrant ServicesFinnish | Swedish | English

School and Student Health Care

School health care serves schoolchildren in matters concerning physical and mental health. School health care is free of charge for all school pupils.

Student health care services are available to all students at academic institutes located within the city of Turku, regardless of the student’s original place of domicile. Services for students at vocational schools and upper secondary schools are principally given at the students’ own schools. Students of universities of applied sciences receive healthcare from centralised student health care. Student health care for universities is organised by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

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School Health CareFinnish | Swedish | English

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FSHS TurkuFinnish | Swedish | English

Private health services

If you are not entitled to use the services of public healthcare in Turku, you can seek help from a private health centre. At a private health centre, you must pay all the costs yourself.

Turku has several private health centres. You can search for private doctors using an Internet search engine or at

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Etsi lääkäri-search engineFinnish

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Children’s health

If your child falls ill, contact your own health centre or private health centre where a doctor will evaluate the situation and, if necessary, write you a referral for further treatment. Health centres are open Mon-Fri 8.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.

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Health centre servicesFinnish | Swedish | English

Children’s clinics serve families with children in all matters concerning children’s health. The aim of children’s clinics is to ensure the good development and health of children. Children visit their clinic for regular check-ups from just after they are born until they start attending school. After that, school health care provides health care in schools.

Clinic services are free of charge for families.

The joint appointment booking and service number for Turku clinics is 02 266 2223.

This number can be called on weekdays Mon-Thu 8.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. and Fri 8.00 a.m. - 1.30 p.m.

Through this number you can book appointments and receive advice and guidance.

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Child Welfare ClinicFinnish | Swedish | English

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Dental care

Oral and Dental Health Care is responsible for the teeth and oral health of Turku residents. Oral and dental care is provided at 14 dental surgeries. The surgeries are often located at health centres. You can get information about dental care for children under school age at your children’s clinic. Dental care for school-age children is organised through the school.

You can contact the appointment booking of Oral Health Care through the electronic service, by phone or by text message (SMS). It is not yet possible to book the first new appointment through the electronic service.

Oral healthcare appointment booking:
Tel. 02 266 0644, weekdays 8.00 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.
Saturdays 040 654 1255, 8.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.

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Oral Health Care AppointmentsFinnish | Swedish | English

At other times, contact Turku Region General Accident & Emergency for treatment instructions:

Oral Health Care Emergency Services
(TYKS T Hospital)
Savitehtaankatu 1
Turku Tel. (02) 313 8800

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Dental care on-call servicesFinnish | Swedish | English

Turku also has many private dental surgeons. You may visit a private dental surgeon even if you are not entitled to public healthcare services. You can seek information about private dental surgeons using an Internet search engine or at

linkkiFinnish Dental Association:
Etsi hammaslääkäri -search engineFinnish

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Mental health

In Turku, your own health centre is always the primary place for treating problems with mental health. Health centres are responsible for taking care of the prevention of mental health problems, recognising symptoms and treating more common and mild psychiatric disorders such as depression, panic attack and life crises. Mental health services are also provided by clinics, school health care, social services and in home care for the elderly.

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Mental health services in TurkuFinnish | Swedish

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Sexual health

You can book an appointment with a general practitioner at a health centre for a gynaecological or urological examination. You can also book an appointment with a doctor if you need a prescription for contraception or you are considering an abortion.

The Contraception Clinic serves Turku residents under the age of 25 in matters concerning contraception. People older than this may visit the Contraception Clinic on a referral by a doctor, nurse or social worker. You may also visit the Contraception Clinic if you are considering a termination of pregnancy. The Contraception Clinic is located at the main health centre in Mäntymäki.

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Contraception ClinicFinnish | Swedish | English

If you suspect that you have a sexually transmitted disease, contact your own health centre.

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Health centre servicesFinnish | Swedish | English

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When you are expecting a baby

When you know that you are expecting a baby, contact a maternity clinic. Your maternity clinic is determined by your home address. The maternity clinic offers you visits to a nurse and doctor, as well as ultrasound scans and fetal screening.

The joint service number for the clinics: 02 266 2223.

At that number you can book your first appointment and receive the necessary instructions.

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Child Welfare ClinicsFinnish | Swedish | English

In order to receive Kela benefits, the first clinic visit must be before the 16th week of pregnancy.

The services are free of charge.

Read about Kela financial support for families at the InfoFinland website Support for pregnant women.

In the Turku region, births are carried out at Turku University Hospital (TYKS).

Labour Ward Finnish | Swedish | English

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Pregnancy and ChildbirthFinnish | Swedish | English

Patients’ rights

If you feel that you have been treated wrongly in health services, first try to solve the issue at your own place of treatment. If the issue cannot be solved, contact the Patient Ombudsman.

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Patient OmbudsmanFinnish | Swedish

Support during illness

If you are covered by Finnish National Health Insurance, you can apply for sickness allowance from Kela after the qualifying period for benefit.

AmountFinnish | Swedish | English

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Special Services for the Disabled

Disabled persons are entitled to receive special services and support for living and coping with daily life. In order to establish the required services and support, a service plan is drawn up for the person. The plan is drawn up by a social worker from the office of Disability Services together with the disabled person and, if necessary, his/her carer and relatives.

An application for support or service from Disability Services must be submitted in writing. The application should also include a statement from a health centre doctor and, if necessary, other expert statements and reports.

Contact information of the Office for Disability Services:
Peltolantie 3
20720 Turku

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Contact information for services for the disabledFinnish | Swedish

The city has available many different kinds of support and services for children and young people needing special support, as well as for their families. Support and rehabilitation are organised in day care centres and schools. Turku has special schools for children who require special support. In order to receive support, a child’s situation is assessed and a plan is made for him/her concerning the support that he/she needs and how his/her teaching will be organised.

Daytime and work activities are organised for people with mental disabilities, which are carried out in the city’s own activity centres and day centres or as an outsourced service. Supported work activities and supported work are also provided at normal work places under the guidance of a trainer.

A disability, long-term illness or the use of aids are no barrier to taking part in hobbies, as the city also organises a suitable range of sporting and cultural pursuits for people of all ages in need of special support.

A summary of municipal services targeted at the disabled can be found at:

linkkiCity of Turku:
Vammaisten palvelut TurussaFinnish | Swedish

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When you are taking care of a relative at home

If you are taking care of an old, sick or disabled relative at home, you may be entitled to Support for Relatives of People requiring care.

If the person requiring care is under 65 years old, you can apply for support from the Social Services for People with Disabilities, whose contact information is on the website of the City of Turku.

If the person requiring care is over 65 years, you can apply for support from the Social Services for Elderly People, whose contact information is on the website of the City of Turku.

For the application you will need to fill in a form that you can find on the website of the City of Turku.

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Services for People with DisabilitiesServices for People with DisabilitiesFinnish | Swedish

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Social Work within the Services for the ElderlyFinnish