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Education in Turku

This page contains information on child and adult education in Turku. Other important information can be found at the page Education.

Preschool education

Both Finnish- and Swedish-language preschool education is available in Turku. Preschool education is intended for all children a year before they start to attend school. Both daycare centres and schools operate preschool groups. Preschool begins in August, and the time for application is in January. Preschool can be registered for either electronically or by returning the registration form to the daycare that you want your child to attend.

You can find additional information about preschool on the City of Turku website. You can also ask daycare directors for information.

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Pre-school educationFinnish | Swedish | English

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Early childhood education in Turku, online applicationFinnish | Swedish | English

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Preschool education

Basic education

In the city of Turku, basic education is provided in Finnish at 32 schools, in Swedish at four schools and in English at Turku International School. In addition to the municipal schools, there is also Turku Normal School and Turku Steiner School. Turku also has schools where children can receive part of their education in Russian, German, French and English.

The school that the pupil attends is determined by his/her home address, and children usually attend the school closest to their home.

A child may be registered for the first grade of basic school on an electronic form. The application period begins in January each year. At the same time, children may be registered for teaching in their own mother tongue. Registration for other classes takes place directly to the school’s headteacher or director.

When a child moves to Finland from abroad and cannot speak Finnish, he/she first studies in preparatory teaching. Preparatory teaching for basic education lasts about 10 months. A child may begin preparatory teaching as soon as he/she has moved to Turku.

At basic school, foreign-language pupils study Finnish or Swedish as a second language. In addition to this, they may also study their own mother tongue for two hours a week. In Turku, mother tongue teaching is provided in more than 20 languages.

At school, children may also receive mother-tongue teaching and many kinds of support teaching in Finnish and/or their own mother tongue.

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Schools in TurkuFinnish | Swedish | English

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Global education and multiculturalityFinnish | English

You can obtain additional information and assistance directly from all the basic schools.

Families that move to Finland and whose children do not yet speak Finnish may directly contact the planner for multicultural education at the Education Department:
Tel. (02) 262 9344

Basic education for young people and adults

If a young person or adult has either not attended or failed to complete his/her basic schooling, he/she may take basic education at school. If a young person moves to Finland between the ages of 14 and 16, he/she may attend a preparatory teaching group for basic education. Young people and adults who have passed the age of compulsory education may apply for courses at the beginning or end of basic education, or may take some of the courses. Basic education may also include teaching in reading and writing skills.

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Basic Education

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Turun iltalukioFinnish

Preparatory teaching for vocational studies and teaching for immigrants in their own mother tongue

If a child or young person under the age of 17 cannot speak Finnish, he/she first attends preparatory teaching. In preparatory teaching, he/she studies Finnish and other subjects in a small group for about one year. Several schools in Turku have preparatory teaching groups.

Further information about the teaching of young people from immigrant backgrounds is available from Turku Vocational Institute.

Turku Vocational Institute:
Lemminkäisenkatu 14–18 C
20520 Turku
Tel. 02 2633 4777

Preparatory education for vocational training

Vocational basic education may be preceded by preparatory education for vocational education. Such education is applied for through the Opintopolku service. Training lasts six months to a year and covers 30-60 credits. The aim of preparatory education is to improve a student’s chances of qualifying for further education. During the education, the student may improve his/her study-, life- and language skills, consider what field he/she likes, and learn different professions. A personal competence development plan (HOKS) is drawn up for each student.

Students are entitled to normal study benefit and school travel allowance.

Preparatory training in Turku is organised by the Turku Vocational Institute and Adult Education Centre Turku. Further information about preparatory education for vocational training in the Turku region is available in the Nivelvaihe (transitional phase) guide.

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Nivelvaiheen koulutukset -brochureFinnish

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Preparatory education for vocational training

Vocational education

Basic vocational education is organised at vocational institutes and as apprenticeship training. Qualifications are usually based on basic education, but there are also some upper secondary school-type qualifications. Study is very practical. During on-the-job training, students attend an actual place of work and get to know about everyday working life.

A basic vocational qualification comprises 180 credits and normally takes three years to complete. The time needed to complete the qualification varies depending on the pace of progress of the student, previous studies and work experience. Previous expertise can be recognised as part of the qualification, which will shorten the period of study. Someone with a basic vocational qualification is entitled to proceed to any branch of higher education.

In Turku, basic secondary level vocational education is provided at seven different institutes.

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Vocational education

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Vocational institutesFinnish | Swedish | English

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Turku Vocational InstituteFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Estonian | French | Persian | Arabic | Kurdish

Adult Education Centre Turku

Adult Education Centre Turku (AKK) is a training centre specialised in vocational adult education, where students can take vocational studies in different subjects. At AKK, you can also take courses leading to permits for working life. AKK also has Finnish-language teaching and courses particularly targeted at immigrants.

AKK operates at two locations, at Artukainen and Kärsämäki.

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Turku Vocational Adult Education Centre Turku AKKFinnish

Upper secondary school

Turku has 10 normal upper secondary schools and one Evening High School for adults. The Evening High School of Turku also organises courses tailored for immigrants.

Upper secondary school may also be taken in English by attending the International Baccalaureate (IB) courses at the upper secondary school at Turku Normal School or at Turku International School.

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Upper secondary schools in TurkuFinnish | Swedish | English

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Studying in an upper secondary schoolFinnish | Swedish | English

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Upper secondary school

Higher education

In Turku, you can take higher education studies in many different subjects. Turku has the University of Turku, the Swedish-speaking Åbo Akademi and four universities of applied sciences, one of which is Swedish-speaking. Most higher education courses are in Finnish. Almost all higher education institutes, however, also offer teaching in English.

The University of Turku has a guidance service for immigrants, offering advice on higher education for immigrants and answers to related questions on working life.

linkkiUniversity of Turku:
Guidance for Immigrants on Higher EducationFinnish | English

Further information about institutes of higher education and studying in Turku:

linkkiCity of Turku:
Study TurkuFinnish | Swedish | English

Other opportunities for study

Turku has many opportunities to study, which are open to all. There is usually a charge for these studies.

You can take higher education studies at Open University.

Turku Adult Education Centre, Åbo svenska Arbetarinstitut and Aurala Open College organise not only Finnish- and Swedish-language teaching, but also the chance to study and practise art and handicraft subjects, dance and physical exercise, culture, history and information technology.

Turku Adult Education Centre also organises youth guarantee training for young immigrants of 16 to 29 years old, who have not undergone secondary education in Finland.

Further information:

linkkiOpen University in Turku:
Open University of TurkuFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiOpen University of Applied Sciences in Turku:
Open studies at the Turku University of Applied SciencesFinnish | English

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Turun suomenkielinen työväenopistoFinnish | English