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Education in Tampere

This page contains information about education services in Tampere. Other important information on the subject can be found on the page Education.

Day care and club activities

A variety of day-care services and club activities are available for the families of under-school-age children.

Tampere has numerous city-owned day-care centres and family day-care providers. In addition, private day-care centres are available. Families can also utilise private care allowance to hire someone to care for their children at home. You can apply for private care allowance from Kela.

If you care for your child at home, he or she can participate in part-time clubs and playgroups. You can apply for a place in a club with a day-care application. The open family clubs for parents and children do not require advance registration – families can take part when it best suits them.

If you are applying for a place for your child in a private day-care centre, contact the day-care centre of your choice directly.

Places in city-owned day-care centres or family day care can be applied for throughout the year. Please submit your application four months before you would like the day care to begin. The easiest way to apply for a day-care placement is by using an electronic form online. If you are applying for a day care place using the paper application form, take the form to the day-care centre that you are primarily applying for a place in. Alternatively, you can take the form to the customer service desk at the Education and Learning Services department (Kasvatus- ja opetuspalvelut, asiakaspalvelu).

Education and Learning Services, customer service
Kasvatus- ja opetuspalvelut, asiakaspalvelu
Frenckellinaukio 2 B
PL 487
33101 Tampere

The child's cultural background and Finnish language proficiency will be taken into account in the group's activities. Native-language education is arranged for preschool-age children where possible.

The City of Tampere provides day-care services in Swedish, English, German and French. You can find more information online.

The Day Care Consultation Phone provides assistance when you require information about matters related to applying for a day-care placement: tel. 040 800 7260 (Mon-Fri 9 am-12 noon), email: varhaiskasvatus.asiakaspalvelu(at)tampere.fi

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Pre-school education

Preschool education is organised for 6-year-old children in the year preceding comprehensive school. In Tampere, preschool education is organised at city-owned day-care centres or schools and at some private day-care centres. Preschool education is free of charge. The application period for preschool education is in January, and the education begins in August.

You can enrol your child for preschool education using an electronic form online. You can also register for preschool education using a paper form, which can be obtained from day-care centres or printed out online. Return the paper form to your nearest day-care centre or at the customer service desk of the Education and Learning Services department at Frenckellinaukio 2 B.

Enrolment in private preschool education is done by directly contacting the unit in question. In addition, you must complete the municipality’s electronic enrolment form for each child.

Preschool education for immigrant children is arranged in conjunction with other preschool education. The education focuses on Finnish as a second language (S2) and supporting the children's own cultural background. Native-language education is arranged for preschool-age children where possible.

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Preschool education and applicationFinnish | English

Basic education

Tampere has numerous comprehensive schools that provide basic education. The schools are primarily maintained by the city. In addition to basic education in Finnish, the available range includes basic education in foreign languages, basic education for multilingual pupils, focused basic education (a focus on visual arts, sports and music, for example) as well as flexible basic education for pupils who require support in completing the basic education.

All children residing in Finland permanently are subject to compulsory education. School enrolment takes place in January of the year during which the child turns 7, and the child will enter school the next autumn.

Toponetti is a pupil guidance website for basic education maintained by the City of Tampere, which provides useful information about education in Tampere.

Adults can complete basic education studies at the Tampere Upper Secondary School for Adults.

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Upper secondary school for adultsFinnish

Preparatory education, Finnish as a second language and native-language education for immigrants

Preparatory education is provided to children between 7 and 16 years of age whose Finnish-language proficiency is not good enough for them to participate in basic education provided in Finnish. Preparatory education normally takes a year and consists of learning Finnish and a few other subjects, along with getting to know the Finnish school system, culture and educational methods.

Finnish as a second language (S2) education is provided throughout the basic education for foreign-language pupils whose Finnish-language proficiency is not at a native level in terms of speech, writing and reading.

It is voluntary for immigrants to study their own native language, but should they choose to do so, participation in classes is obligatory. Native-language education is provided two hours a week for the duration of the basic education (one hour a week for preschool children).

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Vocational training and education

The Tampere Vocational College Tredu provides vocational training in the Pirkanmaa region. You can apply for vocational basic education through the joint application system and adult education through separate application processes.

Tredu organises education to prepare immigrants for vocational education. It also arranges labour market courses and guiding education for immigrants.

The Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK) provides education for young people and adults, along with immigrant education (integration training, Finnish-language courses and preparatory training for employment).

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Upper secondary school education

Tampere has six upper secondary schools maintained by the city, one upper secondary school for adults and five upper secondary schools maintained by other bodies.

Upper secondary school education provides good general knowledge, language skills and prepares pupils for further studies.

The IB programme at the Tampereen lyseon lukio high school provides education in English and provides the opportunity to complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The diploma provides a general eligibility to study at universities and institutions of higher education in Finland and abroad.

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IB programmeFinnish

Higher education

Tampere has two universities of applied sciences and two universities. You can also complete higher education studies through open universities and open universities of applied sciences. The education provided by the open university adheres to the curricula of universities and universities of applied sciences.

You can study at Tampere University of Applied Sciences to become a vocational teacher or a vocational special-needs teacher. Vocational teacher education is provided also in English.

Many institutions of higher education also provide education programmes in English. More information is available on the websites of the institutions of higher education or Unipoli Tampere.

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Studies in EnglishEnglish

Other study opportunities

Tampere boasts a wealth of study opportunities that are available to everyone. These studies are usually subject to a fee.

The Summer University of Tampere organises open university education, vocational continuing education and language courses throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to attend the summer university studies regardless of age and educational background.

At the Adult Education Centre of Tampere Region and the Ahjola Adult Education Centre you can study languages, IT, arts and crafts, for example. The adult education centres provide Finnish-language courses for immigrants. Ask about courses and application periods from the student affairs offices of the adult education centres.

Excellent opportunities to study or take up a variety of arts are available for children and you people. In Tampere, you can receive basic education in dance, visual arts, music, theatre, crafts, literary art and circus arts.

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