Koulutus Siikajoella

Education in Siikajoki

Day care

Siikajoki has four day-care centres: Tuulenpesä in the village of Siikajoenkylä, Repola in the village of Revonlahti, Satumetsä in the village of Ruukki and Leppis in the village of Paavola. In addition, there are some family day care providers in Siikajoki.

Apply for a place in day care for your child at least 4 months before he or she is due to enter day care. Print out an application form from the website of the municipality of Siikajoki or collect one from a day-care centre or the day care office (päivähoitotoimisto). Return your application to the day care office. For more information, see the Siikajoki municipal website.

Day care office (Päivähoitotoimisto)
Siikasavontie 1 A, 92400 Ruukki
Tel. 040 315 6301

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Day careFinnish

Pre-school education

Pre-school education is intended for six-year-olds. The purpose of pre-school education is to prepare the child for comprehensive school.

Pre-school education is arranged at all of the municipality's primary schools. Pre-school registration takes place in May. Fill in a registration form available from the education office of Siikajoki.

Siikajoki education office (koulutoimisto)
Siikasavontie 1, 92400 Ruukki
Tel. 040 315 6299

Pre-school education starts in August. Children who need care in the morning before school or in the afternoon after school can participate in morning and afternoon activities (aamu- ja iltapäivätoiminta). A prerequisite for this is a group of at least five children. If you wish to register your child for morning and afternoon activities, fill in the application form available either from the school or via the municipal website. Return the completed form to the school office (kanslia) or to the education office (koulutoimisto) situated in the municipal office (kunnanvirasto).

Additional information is available on the municipal website of Siikajoki. In matters related to child care and pre-school education, you can also contact the head of the day-care centre (päiväkodin johtaja), the director of early education and care (varhaiskasvatusjohtaja) or the head of the local education and culture department (sivistystoimenjohtaja). You can find their contact information on the municipal website.

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Pre-school educationFinnish

Basic education

The municipality of Siikajoki has six schools:

  • Gumerus school
  • Luohua school
  • Paavola school
  • Revonlahti school
  • Ruukki school

The above-mentioned schools, also referred to as comprehensive schools (peruskoulu), provide basic education (perusopetus). Children must be registered to begin their basic education at the beginning of the year in which they will start school. The municipal website features the contact information for schools and additional information about registration. If you have questions regarding basic education, you can also contact the education office (koulutoimisto) situated in the municipal office (kunnanvirasto).

Education office (Koulutoimisto)
Siikasavontie 1 A, 92400 Ruukki
Tel. 040 315 6299

The education office also provides information on preparatory instruction for basic education offered to immigrants.

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Basic educationFinnish

Native language education for immigrants

Ruukki School arranges native language education for immigrants if the group consists of at least three pupils.

Vocational education and training

Vocational education and training are provided by the educational institutions of the Raahe Joint Municipality Authority for Education (Raahen koulutuskuntayhtymä) and Raahe Business College (Raahen Porvari- ja Kauppakoulu). The Raahe Joint Municipality Authority for Education consists of Raahe Vocational Institute (Raahen ammattiopisto), Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design (Lybeckerin käsi- ja taideteollisuusopisto) and Ruukki Agricultural Institute (Ruukin maaseutuopisto), which is located in Siikajoki.

At the Raahe Vocational Institute, students can study for qualifications in the electrical, metal, car, building service technology, construction, restaurant, laboratory and beauty sectors. Raahe Vocational Institute also offers preparatory education for immigrants and those who are still uncertain about their future studies.

The Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design is Finland's oldest Finnish-language institution in the sector. Lybecker offers courses in crafts and design, audio-visual communication, visual expression, upholstery and interior design.

All educational institutions of the Raahe Joint Municipality Authority for Education offer the possibility to complete degrees both as education for young people and adults, in the form of education at an educational institution or as an apprenticeship. Adults are also offered vocational and special vocational courses in areas such as cleaning services, construction, property services, metal, natural resources, transport, IT, business, and the social, health and sports sectors. Raahen osaamiskeskus Oy also operates as part of the Raahe Joint Municipality Authority for Education; it organises employment education and other working life-oriented supplementary education, for example.

Raahe Business College (Raahen Porvari- ja Kauppakoulu) offers college-level courses in business studies. These courses consist of wide-ranging and practical education leading to the Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration (liiketalouden perustutkinto or merkonomi), Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology (tieto- ja viestintätekniikan perustutkinto or datanomi) and a range of vocational competence-based qualifications (näyttötutkinto) for young people and adults.

For more information, see the website of the Town of Raahe's education department (opetustoimi).

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Ruukki Agricultural InstituteFinnish

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Raahe Vocational InstituteFinnish

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Lybecker Institute of Crafts and DesignFinnish | English

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Raahe Business CollegeFinnish

Upper secondary school

Siikajoki upper secondary school (lukio) provides versatile education. The language of tuition is Finnish.

Students also have the opportunity to take free-of-charge horseback riding and horse care courses provided by the Ruukki Agricultural Institute (Ruukin maaseutuopisto).

Apartments are available for students whose home is further away. These are either apartments owned by the municipality or dormitory rooms at the Ruukki Agricultural Institute.

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Young people without a place of study

Outreach youth workers provide guidance and advice for young people who are not studying. You can find their contact information on the municipal website.

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Outreach youth workFinnish

Higher education

The Raahe regional office of the Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia (Pohjois-Pohjanmaan kesäyliopisto) provides education services for various age groups. Most courses are open university courses which are open to all. People who have passed these courses can apply for studies leading to a degree, either through the joint application system or by completing the required number of open university courses within individual departments.

The Raahe regional office of the Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia also offers courses in continuing education, some of which are tailored. University courses for senior citizens and fee-based public events are also arranged.

For further information on the Raahe regional office and its services see the website of the Summer University.

Raahe regional office of the Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia, visiting address:
Merikatu 2, 92100 Raahe
Opening hours: Tuesday–Thursday at 9 am–3 pm, otherwise as agreed
Telephone: 044 021 0122 or 040 548 0558
Email: kesayo(at)raahe.fi

The educational units of Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) are located in Oulu and Oulainen, around 70 kilometres from Raahe. Oulu UAS educates professionals for demanding roles in the private and public sectors, providing them with the skills required to fulfil the needs of and to develop working life. In particular, Oulu UAS has a long tradition in providing technology sector courses in Raahe and is widely known as a local provider of educational services. In addition to degree courses, Oulu UAS provides open university of applied sciences courses, continuing education, and pedagogical studies for teachers. A range of teaching methods are used. For further information on Oulu University of Applied Sciences, see the institution's website.

The nearest university is in Oulu. The University of Oulu offers a wide range of study options. Its undergraduate and postgraduate courses and masters programmes provide students with degrees that are highly regarded in working life. In addition, the university offers many opportunities for updating skills, for example through its open university courses, continuing education and its interdisciplinary teaching programmes. For further information on Oulu University, see the institution's website.

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Summer University of Northern OstrobothniaFinnish | English

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Oulu University of Applied Sciences Finnish | English

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University of OuluFinnish | English

Other study opportunities

At Siikajoki Adult Education Centre (Siikajoen kansalaisopisto), you can study subjects such as languages and handicrafts and take part in instructed sports activities. Courses are fee-based and are organised during the day and in the evenings. The adult education centre is open to all. For more information, see the municipal website of Siikajoki.

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Adult education centreFinnish