Muutto Rovaniemelle

Moving to Rovaniemi

This page provides information on services in Rovaniemi. Other general information about this topic can be found on the InfoFinland page Moving to Finland

Licensing issues

If you wish to move to Finland, you must have a residence permit or you must apply for residency as an EU citizen.

You can apply for a residence permit electronically via the EnterFinland service, by visiting a Finnish Embassy in a country other than Finland, or by visiting one of the service points of the Finnish Immigration Service in Finland. EU citizen registration can also be done at an immigration service office.

If you are a person with refugee status and you have been granted a residence permit on specific grounds, you will also be able to apply for a refugee travel document or an alien’s passport from an immigration service office.

Finnish Immigration Office (MIGRI)
Rovaniemi Service Point
Ruokasenkatu 2 A
FI-96200 Rovaniemi

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Information on residence permitsFinnish | Swedish | English

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Travel documentsFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiEnterFinland :
Electronic applicationFinnish | Swedish | English

Registering as a resident

If you are moving to Rovaniemi, you must register as a resident of the municipality. You can register at one of the local register office service points. Registration is important. If you do not complete this registration, you will not be eligible to apply for e.g. social security benefits in Finland.

Lapland Local Register Office
Rovaniemi Unit
Lähteentie 2
FI-96101 Rovaniemi
Tel. +358 (0)29 553 9208
Email address: info.rovaniemi(at)

Please bring along the following items when you go to the local register office

  • Identification (e.g. your passport)
  • Residence permit and residence card (if you need a residence permit for Finland)
  • Certificate of registration of the right to reside, if you are an EU citizen
  • Marriage certificate
  • Your children’s birth certificates

linkkiLocal register office:
Registration of foreign citizensFinnish | Swedish | English

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Social security in Finland

You are entitled to social security benefits granted by Kela on the basis of housing and work. The social security benefits that you need because of your personal circumstances should always be applied for separately from Kela. Kela determines whether you have the right to apply for social security benefits based on your application.

Rovaniemi Office
Hallituskatu 20
FI-96100 Rovaniemi

Nationwide telephone service contact information Finnish | Swedish | English

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