Asettuminen Rovaniemelle

Settling in Rovaniemi

Information and integration services for immigrants


If you need advice and assistance in everyday life, you want to learn Finnish, volunteer, take part in tours, events or practice, please contact MoniNet.

Kansankatu 8 (2nd Floor)
FI-96100 Rovaniemi
Tel. +358 (0)40 559 6564
E-mail address: moninet(at)

MoniNet is a multicultural centre administrated by the Rovala Settlement Association, which
provides immigrants with counselling and activities. The centre aims at supporting immigrants in their integration into Finnish society, promoting tolerance and acceptance of diversity, increasing employment opportunities, and developing new ways of working, as well as
networking with operators in the region.

linkkiThe Rovala Settlement Association:
MoniNetFinnish | English

Olkkari wellness centre and service point

The wellness and service point of the city of Rovaniemi provides information about the city's services. Olkkari offers service guidance and counselling for city dwellers of all ages; from social and health services, cultural activities, job search coaching, sports services, and information on activities provided by various organizations.
You can purchase the following items from the Osviitta customer service point, which is located in the same building as Olkkari Local travel cards.

Olkkari service point in Rovaniemi
Rintekulma shopping centre
Koskikatu 25 (2nd Floor)
FI-96200 Rovaniemi
Tel. +358 (0)16 322 6800
Email Address: info.osviitta(at)

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Olkkari wellness centre and service point Finnish

Youth advice service

If you are under the age of 30, you can access information, advice, and guidance services via the City of Rovaniemi Youth Advice Service. The advice service provides advice on education and training, work, and everyday life. The service can arrange for you to have an employee as a ‘buddy’ who will help make sense of things.

linkkiCity of Rovaniemi:
Youth advice service Finnish

Immigrant social work service

If you need counselling and guidance on integration, you can contact the City of Rovaniemi’s immigrant social work service. This service is primarily intended for refugees and their family members. The service may also be used by other immigrants who need limited counselling on specific issues relating to integration.

The immigrant social work services include counselling and guidance. The services also provide guidance through an initial survey and assist immigrants who are unable to register as jobseekers to make an integration plan.

Social Service Centre
Immigrant Social Work office
Rovakatu 2
FI-96100 Rovaniemi
Tel. +358 (0)50 571 5860

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Immigrant social work serviceFinnish

Initial survey and the integration plan

Immigrants have the right to an initial survey. Mapping out the first steps through this initial survey helps you find the appropriate services in your hometown. The outcome of the initial survey will determine whether an integration plan should be made for you. The initial survey and integration plan can be done with you either in Lapland's Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) or at the social services department of the City of Rovaniemi e.g. at the immigrant social work office
or the adult social work office.

Lapland Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office)

A member of staff at the TE Office will carry out the initial survey
and draw up the integration plan with you if you register as an unemployed jobseeker at the TE Office. You can register as an unemployed job seeker electronically
via the My Services portal or by telephone. When you are unemployed you
may be entitled to integration training organised through the TE Office.

If you are not able to sign-in to the My Services portal or want to discuss things over the phone, you can receive information, advice, guidance and support for online services via the National Telephone service.

Service in Finnish +358 (0)295 025 500
Service in Swedish +358 (0)295 025 510
Service in English +358 (0)295 020 713
Service in Russian +358 (0)295 020 715

You will need to make an appointment in advance to access the Lapland TE Office’s customer services. You can use the same customer services user account to access services through the TE Office services and independently. Should you need it, advice on how to use the online services is available.

Lapland Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office)
Rovaniemi Office
Valtakatu 16
P.O. Box 1000
FI-96200 Rovaniemi
E-mail address: kirjaamo.lappi(at)

The TE Office website provides information and videos intended to assist you when applying to be an unemployed jobseeker, choosing a career, education and training, and unemployment benefit in several languages.

linkkiTE Services:
My ServicesFinnish | Swedish

linkkiTE Services:
About TE Office immigrant services Finnish | Swedish | English

linkkiTE Services:
Immigrant integration services Finnish | Swedish | English

Social service centre

If you are 17-64 years old and not registered as an unemployed jobseeker due to your personal circumstances, staff at the City of Rovaniemi’s social services centre can carry out an initial survey with you and, if necessary, make an integration plan. You can independently request an initial survey. In addition, you will be able to receive support, advice, and guidance.

Social Service Centre
Adult and Working Age Services
Rovakatu 1
FI-96101 Rovaniemi
Telephone Advice Service
Tel. +358 (0)16 3222 570.

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Adult social workFinnish

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Immigrant social work serviceFinnish

Do you need an interpreter or translator?

If you do not speak Finnish or Swedish, you may need to use an interpreter when dealing with Finnish authorities. In some cases, an interpreter will be arranged for you via the authority in question if you notify them of this need in advance. In this case, an interpreter will be provided free of charge. Requests for an interpreter should always be made in advance. If you book and pay for an interpreter yourself, you may use them whenever you want.

The contact details of many companies offering interpreting and translation services are available e.g. on the website of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters.

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Interpreting and translation servicesFinnish | Swedish | English