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Housing in Rovaniemi

This page contains information about services in Rovaniemi. Other important information on housing in Finland is available on the InfoFinland page Housing.

Rented housing

Within the region of the City of Rovaniemi, rental housing can be sought directly from owners and real estate agents.

Municipal Housing Ltd's housing

Through the Rovanapa Oy company, you can apply for housing owned by Municipal Housing Ltd. You can also find available housing and the housing application form on the Municipal Housing Ltd website

Jaakonkatu 3
96200 Rovaniemi

Contact information for tenant selection, telephone hours 12 noon–3 pm:
tel. 016 3223 412
tel. 016 3223 414

linkkiMunicipal Housing Ltd:
Rovanapa OyFinnish

Other rental housing

A list of websites through which you can seek housing. The site also provides information on rental housing and other matters related to moving.

linkkiRovala Settlement Association/MoniNet:
Information on housingFinnish | English

Housing for young people and students

Young people and students can also apply for housing provided by Municipal Housing Ltd, as well as other rental housing. In addition to this, young people can seek housing through the Rovaniemen nuorisoasunnot ry association. If you are studying at an upper secondary school, vocational school, university of applied sciences or university, you can apply for housing from the Domus Arctica Foundation.

linkkiRovaniemen nuorisoasunnot ry association:
Rovaniemen nuorisoasunnot ry websiteFinnish

linkkiDomus Arctica Foundation :
Domus Arctica Foundation websiteFinnish | English

The Student Union of the University of Lapland also informs its students about available rental housing. The housing can be found on the website of the Student Union.

linkki"Student Union of the University of Lapland:
Listings for available housingFinnish

More information regarding housing can be found through the following links.

linkkiRovaniemi youth services:
Rental housing in RovaniemiFinnish

linkkiFinnish Youth Housing Association:
Housing guide for young peopleFinnish

Private individuals also notify of available rental housing through newspaper listings.

Owner-occupied housing

Most residents of Rovaniemi own their homes – they have either taken out a loan or used other financing means to acquire them. The state supports owner-occupied housing by granting housing loan guarantees to private citizens. In addition to this, student loan interests are partially tax deductible..

More information on purchasing a home can be obtained from your bank or real estate agents. Real estate agents and private individuals list housing available for sale in local newspapers (such as Lapin Kansa) and online.

General information on housing::

Ministry of the Environment

linkkiMinistry of the Environment: websiteFinnish | Swedish | English

Right-of-occupancy housing

Right-of-occupancy is an alternative to renting or owning a dwelling. By paying the right-of-ownership fee, which is 15% of the dwelling's purchase price, and the monthly residence charge, you receive the right to possess and use the dwelling in the same way as an owner-occupied dwelling. You cannot gain full ownership of the dwelling but you can sell the right-of-ownership or switch to another right-of-ownership dwelling.

There are 400 right-of-ownership dwellings in Rovaniemi. If you are interested, please contact companies that provide right-of-ownership dwellings.

Asokodit websiteFinnish

linkkiAvain Asumisoikeus Oy :
AVAIN Asumisoikeus Oy websiteFinnish

linkkiTA-Asumisoikeus Oy :
TA-Asumisoikeus Oy website Finnish

Enquiries regarding right-of-ownership fees, residence charges and (soon to be) available dwellings should be directed to the owners.

More information on the application process for right-of-ownership dwellings (City of Rovaniemi, environmental monitoring department): tel. 016 322 8091 or 016 322 8014.

Construction and plots

Information on building permits, plots, water, electricity and household waste can be obtained through the following links.


Napapiirin Residuum Oy

linkkiNapapiirin Residuum Oy:
Waste sorting and recyclingFinnish