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Health in Rovaniemi

This page contains information about services in Rovaniemi. Other important information on the subject can be found on the page Health.


An emergency is a real and urgent hazardous situation that endangers the life or health of an individual, property or the environment.

In an emergency, always call the emergency number 112.
More information is available on the Emergency Response Centre website.

linkkiEmergency Response Centre:
Emergency Response Centre AdministrationFinnish | Swedish | English

When you fall ill

There are two health centres in Rovaniemi:

linkkiHealth Centre:
RinteenkulmanHealth StationFinnish

linkkiHealth Centre:
Pulkamontie Health StationFinnish

In urgent cases, you can call the care team in your area. You can get an appointment within 1–3 days. Urgent cases include sinusitis, eye infection, back pain, mild urinary tract infection, vaginitis or rash.

First aid

You can visit the first aid services in acute medical cases when you cannot wait until the next day – for example, bleeding wounds, chest pain, burns, etc.

During the day 8 am–10 pm
Lapland Central Hospital
Emergency Outpatient Clinic
Ounasrinteentie 22
tel. 016 328 2140

At night 10 pm–8 am
Lapland Central Hospital Emergency Department
Ounasrinteentie 22
tel. 016 328 2100
Only urgent cases will be handled during the night.

Dental care

Appointment booking and emergency services for acute pain are available on weekdays from 8 am to 3 pm, tel. 016 322 2562 or 016 356 1750.

In the evening and at weekends, you can contact the on-call services if you require urgent aid; tel. 016 322 4900.

The dental care provided at the health centres is free-of-charge for people under 18 years of age. If you have made a dentist appointment and cannot come at the agreed time, please remember to cancel your appointment. If you do not cancel, you will be charged a fee of €27.

You can also seek treatment at private dental clinics.

Mental health

If you require assistance in matters related to mental health, you can contact the mental health unit. Mental health units operate at two addresses:

Sairaalakatu 1, 2nd floor
tel. 016 322 2269

Pulkamontie 6, 2nd floor
tel. 016 322 4600