Suomen ja ruotsin kieli Rovaniemellä

Finnish and Swedish language in Rovaniemi

This page provides information on services in Rovaniemi. You can find general information on Finnish and Swedish language studies in Finland via the websiteFinnish and Swedish

Opportunities to study Finnish

If you are an existing TE Office customer, you can apply for integration training as part of your employment training. The integration training includes Finnish language courses. Contact a TE services specialist.

linkkiTE Services:
TE services websitesFinnish | Swedish | English

The Rovala College and Rovaniemi Adult Education Centre organise Finnish language courses and other education and training opportunities for immigrants.

linkkiRovala Settlement Association:
Rovala websiteFinnish

MoniNet provides support groups for Finnish language learning. These groups offer you the opportunity to practice using written and spoken Finnish. The peer support groups are supervised by MoniNet staff and volunteers.

linkkiRovala Settlement Association/MoniNet:
MoniNet websiteFinnish | English | Russian

MoniNet offers an online learning environment intended to support your Finnish language studies. You can access this learning environment via the links below.

linkkiRovala Settlement Association:
Finnish language learning environmentFinnish | English

The University of Lapland’s Language Centre organises Finnish language courses in English. You can apply for Finnish for foreigners courses through the Open University. There is an enrolment fee for these courses. For information about upcoming courses and how to apply, please visit the Open University website.

linkkiUniversity of Lapland:
Open University OnlineFinnish | Swedish

National certificate of language proficiency

The Rovaniemi Adult Education Centre organises testing for the National Certificate of Language Proficiency (YKI tests). You can find more information by following the links below.

linkkiFinnish National Agency for Education:
National Certificate of Language ProficiencyFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiThe Rovala Settlement Association:
Rovaniemi Adult Education CentreFinnish