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Maahanmuuttajana Rovaniemellä

As an immigrant in Rovaniemi

This page contains information about immigrant services available in Rovaniemi. Other important information is available on the page As an immigrant in Finland.

Immigrant integration and guidance

The City of Rovaniemi Immigrant Office provides social services for immigrants arriving in Finland with refugee status. The Immigrant Office takes care of statutory initial surveys, immigration plans and organises all necessary measures and services in co-operation with other central authorities.

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The Rovaniemi Immigration Office contact information is:

City of Rovaniemi Immigration Office
Rovakatu 2

Immigration Office staff

  • • Chief Social Worker 016 322 3087, 040 731 2557
    • Social Worker 016 322 3088, 040 576 8914
    • Social Worker 016 322 3126, 040 315 6925
    • Social Instructor 016 322 3123, 0400 695 037
    • Social Instructor 016 322 3125, 040 576 8904
    • Social Instructor 016 322 3124, 040 729 8766

Booking an interpreter
tel. 050 597 1122

Benefit handler
tel. 050 593 0165

Office worker
tel. 050 571 5860

In matters related to moving, residence permits and identity, please contact your local register office, police station or immigrant office.

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MoniNet centre of multicultural information and activities

The MoniNet centre, located in Rovaniemi and maintained by the Settlement of Rovala, is a centre for multicultural information and activities. The centre serves immigrants residing in Rovaniemi and elsewhere in the province of Lapland. More information on the MoniNet activities is available at:

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MoniNetFinnish | English

Verso partnership project

The Verso partnership project is a joint venture between the City of Rovaniemi and the Settlement of Rovala. The project aims at developing the service processes of early integration of the immigrant population.

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Verso partnership projectFinnish