Vapaa-aika Pyhäjoella

Leisure in Pyhäjoki

Pyhäjoki offers plenty of opportunities to engage in leisure-time activities. At the Adult Education Centre (Kansalaisopisto), for example, you can try your hand at art, handicrafts and sport. You can also study languages at the Centre.

The municipality of Pyhäjoki organises a range of cultural activities. It also offers a wide range of sporting options.

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You can spend time reading at the Pyhäjoki library and borrow books, newspapers and magazines, music, films and games from the library. The library also functions as an art lending facility. The displays in the exhibition space change every month. In addition, computers are available for use in the library. A story corner is available for children.

Library customer service: tel. 040 359 6171

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Theatre and cinema

The Pauhasali hall of the upper secondary school is a venue for concerts and other cultural activities. Pyhäjoki has a summer theatre. For more information, see the municipality's website.

In Pyhäjoki, culture is often brought close to residents. Inhabitants of Pyhäjoki are often treated to art within their own municipality or village school, thanks to initiatives such as the Concert in Each School project (Konsertti joka kouluun -hanke).

The Culture Office (Kulttuuritoimisto) works in close cooperation with organisations within its own municipality, as well as with neighbouring municipalities and a wide range of contact persons. Art groups from Raahe College (Raahe-opisto) both facilitate and enliven Pyhäjoki's cultural offering. Within Raahe College, you can try your hand at activities such as the visual arts and theatre.

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Raahe-opisto adult education centreFinnish

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Amateur drama society Pyhäjoen näyttelijät ry Finnish


Pyhäjoki is home to the Annala Museum (Annalan kotiseutumuseo), one of the biggest museums in Northern Finland. The museum area houses 22 buildings and 8,000 objects.

Annala Museum
Annalantie 20, Pyhäjoki
Tel. 040 359 6103, 040 359 6102

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Exercise and sports

Pyhäjoki offers a variety of sporting options to residents of all ages. Within the municipality there is an ice hall, a multi-activity centre, an athletics field, tennis and beach volleyball courts, a small games area and a disc golf park.

The Rautiperä sports area (Rautiperän liikunta-alue) has lit hiking trails and skiing tracks. It also has an ice swimming place and a shooting range, and can be used for orienteering. A skating ground, ball parks and skiing/hiking trails are located close to Pyhäjoki's schools. Pyhäjoki also has a motocross track, a shooting range, fishing and small vessel harbours in Tervo at the mouth of the river Pyhäjoki, at Parhalahti in the Liminkajoki estuary, in Elävisluoto in Yppäri and in the estuary of the river Yppäri.

During the summer, dancing is on offer at the Merimaja dance pavilion.

For more information on sporting options, see the municipality's website.

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Recreation and travel in nature

Pyhäjoki offers plenty of scope for spending time in the wilderness. It has bird watching towers, swimming beaches, riverside paths, nature trails, the Kielosaari outdoor area (Kielosaaren ulkoilualue) and excellent options for fishing and canoeing. The Pyhäjoki is one of Ostrobothnia's most southerly salmon rivers. Other possible catches include trout, grayling, pike and perch.

For more information on sporting options, see the municipality's website.

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Hobbies for children and young

Camps, trips and various events and clubs are organised as part of youth work in the municipality. A range of activities are organised by youth associations.

For more information, see the website of the Pyhäjoki municipality and those of individual educational institutions.

Pyhäjoki's leisure instructor (Pyhäjoen vapaa-aikaohjaaja)
Tel. 040 359 6104

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Pyhäjoki has various associations, such as culture associations and sports organisations.

Pyhäjoki Culture Office (Pyhäjoen kulttuuritoimisto)
Tel. 040 359 6102

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