Asuminen Pyhäjoella

Housing in Pyhäjoki

Rental dwelling

The municipality of Pyhäjoki both rents out and manages its own rental housing and that of the Kiinteistö Oy Hourunkoski housing company. A total of 146 rental dwellings, most of which are terraced houses, are available. Most of these are located close to the centre of Pyhäjoki, but a few are also outside the centre. To find out more about the properties and dwellings, see the website of the municipality and the Hourunkoski housing company.

You can also ask the Pyhäjoki Housing Office directly about vacant dwellings:
Tel. 040 359 6006

Read more: Rental dwelling.

linkkiMunicipality of Pyhäjoki:
Rental housing Finnish

linkkiMunicipality of Pyhäjoki:
Rented accommodation (Kiinteistö Oy Hourunkoski)Finnish | English

You can also search for rental dwellings from the following housing websites:

linkkiSearch for rental dwellings:
vuokraovi.comFinnish | English

linkkiSearch for rental dwellings:

Owner-occupied housing

Most Finns live in owner-occupied dwellings, in other words in dwellings they themselves own. If you buy your own dwelling, it is often less expensive in the long term than living in a rental dwelling.

For further information on residential plots in Pyhäjoki, see the municipality's website. You can also enquire about plots from Pyhäjoki's property manager (kiinteistöpäällikkö):
Tel. 040 359 6052

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Temporary housing

If you need temporary housing in Pyhäjoki, see the service for further information on furnished flats for short and long-term needs.

Kielosaari Camping, caravan sites, two and three-person holiday cabins, playpark, saunas, showers, toilets, cooking shelter, nature trail.
Vanhatie 73, Pyhäjoki
Tel. 050 336 2804

Kielosaari Holidays (Kielosaaren Lomat), year-round holiday cabin accommodation for around 30 people.
Vanhatie 73, Pyhäjoki
Tel. 045 114 3170

Puttaan Kartano, manor house accommodation in 1–3 person rooms and two studios.
Pirttikoskentie 219, Pirttikoski
Tel. 050 5481973

Louekallion mökki holiday cabins; the Etelänkylä partnership offers seaside cabins for rent.
Pyhäluodontie 240, Pyhäjoki.
Bookings: Chairman of the Partnership
Tel. 040 523 2261

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linkkiMajoitusmaailma online service (Furnished rental apartments in Pyhäjoki):
Majoitusmaailma online service (Furnished rental apartments in Pyhäjoki)Finnish | English | Russian

Accommodation in a crisis situation

If you become homeless due to a crisis or accident, contact the social welfare office (sosiaalitoimisto).

Social welfare office (Sosiaalitoimisto)
Rantakatu 8 E, 3rd floor, 92100 Raahe
Tel. 040 135 8021, 8 am–11 am on weekdays

If your dwelling has been damaged as a result of, say, a fire or water damage home insurance can, in some cases, cover a part of the additional living expenses. Contact your insurance company as soon as the damage has occurred.

If a member of your family is violent towards you or threatens you with violence, you can seek protection in a shelter (turvakoti). You can call a shelter at any time of the day or night. You do not need to give your name when you call.

Mother and Child Home and Shelter of Raahe
Fellmannin puistokatu 11, 92100 Raahe
Tel. 08 221 202

If you are young and experiencing problems at home, you can contact The Emergency Youth Shelters (Nuorten turvatalot) maintained by the Finnish Red Cross. The nearest shelter is in Tampere.

Tampere Emergency Youth Shelter
Hämeenkatu 22 C, 33200 Tampere
Tel. 040 556 6661
Email: turvatalo.tampere(at)

Read more: Accommodation in a crisis situation.

linkkiThe Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters:
The Mother and Child Home and Shelter of RaaheFinnish | Swedish | English

Supported and service housing

In Finland, supported housing (tukiasuminen) and service housing (palveluasuminen) are available to those in need of support in living independently. Contact the social welfare office (sosiaalitoimisto) for further information.

Social welfare office
Rantakatu 8 E, 3rd floor, 92100 Raahe
Tel. 040 135 8021, 8 am–11 am on weekdays

Read more: Supported and service housing.


If you end up homeless, contact your the social welfare office (sosiaalitoimisto).

Social welfare office
Rantakatu 8 E, 3rd floor, 92100 Raahe
Tel. 040 135 8021, 8 am–11 am on weekdays

Read more: Accommodation in a crisis situation.

Housing allowance

If you are on a low income, you may be eligible to receive housing allowance from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Kela. You can apply for housing allowance at a Kela office.

Kela's Raahe office
Kauppakatu 42, 92100 Raahe

See Kela's website for office opening hours. You can also apply for housing allowance online.

Read more: Housing allowance.

linkkiKela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland):
Search for a customer service pointFinnish | Swedish | English

Waste management and recycling

Every residential property must have an agreement with a waste disposal company on the collection and transport of waste. Such an agreement can apply to the property or be a joint agreement involving several properties.

Waste, such as metal and glass, which cannot be placed in your own building's waste containers, can be taken to recycling points (kierrätyspisteet).

Recycling points:

  • Annalantie 1, Annanlankangas
  • Vanhatie 73, Kielosaari
  • Parhalahdentie/Teerelä, Parhalahti
  • Pirttikoskentie, Pirttikoski school
  • Vanhatie 25, intersection next to the church
  • Shell's yard area in the city centre
  • Yppäri service station by highway 8

The Pyhäjoki waste recycling station (hyötyjäteasema) is open during the summer from 1 May to 30 September from 2 pm to 7 pm on Tuesdays during even-numbered weeks, and in winter from 1 October to 30 April on Tuesdays 2 pm to 5 pm, again on even-numbered weeks. Check in advance what kind of waste the recycling station accepts.

Vestia Oy's Pyhäjoki waste recycling station
Tiirontie 6, 86100 Pyhäjoki

Information on waste disposal is available from the municipality of Pyhäjoki's website. Vestia Oy handles waste management within the Pyhäjoki municipality.

Read more: Waste management and recycling.

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Waste managementFinnish

linkkiVestia Oy:
Vestia OyFinnish