Asettuminen Ouluun

Settling in Oulu

Here you can find information on the services for immigrants available in Oulu. Other important information is available at Settling in Finland.

Guidance and integration of immigrants (Maahanmuuttajien neuvonta ja kotoutuminen)

Multicultural Centre Villa Victor (Monikulttuurikeskus Villa Victor)

Multicultural center Villa Victor is an organization belonging to the City of Oulu which provides multicultural information and activities for immigrants.

Coordinating and developing multicultural work in Oulu are the core tasks of Villa Victor. All the employees are all well-qualified experts who operate immigration, multicultural work and programs. At the same time, we are also combating racism, promoting two-way integration, and actively coordinating with other social organizations.

Multilingual assistance is located on the 1st floor of Oulu 10, (Torikatu 10, 90100 Oulu). Beside in Finnish and English, we also provide services in Arabic from Monday to Friday between 9:00- 16:30. We also provide services in 14 other languages according to schedule. You can visit us with or without an appointment. Multilingual assistance timetable.

The multilingual assistance gives you guidance and information on public authorities, tips for different aspects of life and help in problematic situations. Such as:

  • Residence and citizenship issues
  • Working life and work permit issues
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Financial problems and social security
  • Documents and filling in forms
  • Guidance to various government services

At the multicultural center Villa Victor, we provide Finnish language lessons free of charge. The Finnish language course operates on a non-stop basis, so you can join anytime you want. There are courses for elementary level, follow-up level, and advanced level Finnish, as well as a YKI training course for people who want to focus on the YKI test. At Villa victor, you can learn other languages as well. All the courses are organized at Torikatu 23 (third floor). Level and contents

One of Villa Victor's main tasks is to organize and enable various multicultural events. In addition, Villa Victor organizes events on various topics every month.

Villa Victor is running an ESR funded project with University of Oulu titled, which they are cooperating with the City of Oulu. Welcome to Villa Victor!

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Multicultural Centre Villa VictorFinnish | English

Oulu10 services

If you have any questions on services provided by the City of Oulu, you can contact a centralised customer service point of the city known as Oulu10.

You can purchase tickets to cultural events at the Oulu10 service point (such as Oulu City Theatre, Oulu Symphony Orchestra), as well as tickets to public transport and sports services. There are also brochures on the City of Oulu, forms, guide maps and public transport timetables, for example. We will gladly help with using online services and filling in various kinds of forms.

Oulu10 Service Point (Oulu10-palvelut)
Torikatu 10
90100 Oulu
Telephone: 08 558 558 00

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Oulu10 service pointFinnish | English

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Information service in different languagesFinnish | Swedish | English

Byström youth services (Byströmin nuorten palvelut)

Byström youth services help young people under the age of 30 with all kinds of questions related to matters young people are faced with. Services are free of charge and confidential. You can use computers, print, copy and scan free of charge. You can browse through brochures and magazines and borrow youth-related material from a youth information library. You can contact information service counsellors at the service point, by telephone, email, or through Facebook and a Finnish online service called NettiNappi.

You can also ask questions in English at the service point or through the online service.

A counsellor for young immigrants is also available at Byström youth services, tel. 044 703 8294.

Byström youth services (Byströmin nuorten palvelut)
Hallituskatu 5 A
90100 Oulu
Telephone: 050 599 2293

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Youth Information and Counselling Centre NappiFinnish | English

Initial assessment and integration plan (Alkukartoitus ja kotoutumissuunnitelma)

An initial assessment and integration plan can be prepared for immigrants. More information is available from Multicultural Centre Villa Victor (Monikulttuurikeskus Villa Victor).

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Multicultural Centre Villa VictorFinnish | English

Residence permit extension (Jatko-oleskelulupa)

You must apply for a residence permit extension (jatko-oleskelulupa) before the expiry of your previous residence permit. You can submit a residence permit extension application at the Finnish Immigration Service. It is recommended to make an appointment in advance when visiting a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service. You can also apply for the permit in the Enter Finland service. When you have completed an application, you must visit a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service in order to prove your identity. You must visit a service point within three months of submitting an application.

Oulu service point of the Finnish Immigration Service
Address: Tutkijankuja 9, 90590 Oulu
Open: Mon–Wed and Fri at 8:00 am–4:15 pm
Closed on Thursdays.

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