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Problem situations in Merijärvi

For information on problem situations and what to do when you encounter them, see the InfoFinland page Problem situations in the Raahe-Kalajoki Region.

Problems in marriage and relationships

You can seek help in solving problems in marriage and relationships from a family counselling centre. You can call a family counselling centre and discuss your case with an employee. If necessary, you can also book an appointment with a member of staff; no referrals are needed.

Tel. 044 469 1558, Mon–Thu 12 noon–1 pm

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Problem situations in the Raahe-Kalajoki Region (see the section Divorce).

Children's problems

The nurses of the child health clinic (lastenneuvola) provide advice on questions related to the health or growth and development of young children. The clinic provides information on the locations where you can obtain assistance when necessary.

School nurses can help with the problems involving school-age children and, where necessary, can refer the case to other services.

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Young people's problems

If you are concerned about your child's behaviour, state of mind or other issues related to his or her emotional life, a family counselling centre can help. You can call a family counselling centre and discuss your case with an employee. If necessary, you can also book a time to see a member of staff. No referrals are needed.

Mon–Thu 12.00 noon–1.00 pm
Tel. 044 469 1558
In urgent cases we try to offer an appointment time as soon as possible.

A young person can discuss his or her problems with a nurse at the school or place of study.


In Merijärvi, youth services are provided by the municipal youth department (nuorisotoimi)

Merijärvi Youth Department (Merijärven nuorisotoimi)
Vanhatie 1, 86220 Merijärvi
Tel. 044 477 6220, leisure instructor (vapaa-aikaohjaaja)

You will also find information on youth services on Settinetti, which has lots of information and useful links.

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Youth servicesFinnish

Mental health problems and intoxicant abuse

If you need psychiatric care and support, you can call a psychiatric nurse on weekdays from 8 – 9 am, tel. 044 4691 558. If necessary, a doctor will evaluate the situation and write a referral to a specialist psychiatric hospital.

In case of problems with intoxicant abuse, help is available on weekday mornings without an appointment at 8.30 – 9.30 am. An appointment must be made for consultations at other times, tel. 044 4691 558. No appointments are available on Tuesdays.

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Mental health and substance abuse servicesFinnish | English | Russian

Financial problems

If you have financial problems, get in touch with the social welfare office (sosiaalitoimisto). The social welfare office will also provide you with information on social assistance and help you to get by in everyday life.

Contact information for social welfare office in Kalajoki:

  • Social Security Centre (Perusturvakeskus)
    Tohtorintie 4, 2nd Floor, 85100 Kalajoki

You will find the telephone numbers of the social welfare office on the town's website.

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Social servicesFinnish | English | Russian


If you end up homeless, contact the social welfare office at the Social Security Centre of Kalajoki (Kalajoen kaupungin perusturvakeskus).

Kalajoki Social Welfare Office (Kalajoen sosiaalitoimisto)
Tohtorintie 4, 85100 Kalajoki
Telephone service time: weekdays 12 noon–1 pm
Tel. 044 469 1266