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Family in Merijärvi

For information on services for families, see the InfoFinland page Family into Raahe-Kalajoki region.

When you are pregnant

The maternity clinic checks that expectant mothers and unborn children are in good health and prepares the mother, the father and the whole family for the birth of the child. Make an appointment with the clinic when you notice that you are pregnant.

Clinic of Merijärvi
Kirkkotie 6, 86220 Merijärvi
Tel. 044 469 1557

Maternity clinic (äitiysneuvola):
Tohtorintie 4, 85100 Kalajoki
Telephone service time Tue–Thu 12 noon–1 pm
Tel. 044 469 1533

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Child care

Merijärvi offer places in municipal day care. For children under school age, you can choose from the following options: home-care allowance (kotihoidon tuki) and a place in municipal day care (day-care centres, family day care, group family day care). Day care fees are based on the family's income.

Make a written application for a day care place at least 4 months before the place is needed. If you need a day care place straight away due to a sudden job offer, or training or study place, apply immediately. In urgent cases, it takes two weeks to arrange a place in day care.

Applications and the required attachments are available from the day care office, the website of the municipal of Merijärvi’s office (kunnantoimisto): linkkieDaisyNet:

Day care office:
Koivukehdon päiväkoti
Merijärventie 102
86220 Merijärvi
Tel. 050-4628 395 or 050-4644 962

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Childcare and early childhood educationFinnish

Looking after a child at home

Family in the Raahe-Kalajoki Region (see the section Looking after a child at home).