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Plan carefully

Financing of the company must be carefully planned before the company is founded. It is important that there is sufficient capital at the outset. Company financing may also be partly in the form of donations or loans, for which a sound business plan will be required.


Loans granted by a bank or Finnvera are a common source of financing for a new entrepreneur. Finnvera is a specialised financing company owned by the State of Finland. It provides loans and guarantees to beginning or already operating businesses. Businesses that have the prerequisite to maintain profitable operations, but do not have the down payment or collateral required by banks may be granted a loan or a security by Finnvera.

Enterprise Finland gives information on different financing options. Also find out from the TE Office whether or not you are eligible to receive a grant for establishing a business.

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Company financingFinnish | Swedish | English

Company financingFinnish | Swedish | English

Start-up grant (starttiraha)

When you become an entrepreneur, you may be given a start-up grant to ensure your livelihood during the beginning of your business operation. Start-up grant is allocated by your local Employment and Economic Office. It can be granted for a maximum period of 12 months.

When applying for a start-up grant, the Employment and Economic Office will determine if entrepreneurship is a suitable employment alternative for you. You are eligible for the grant if:

  • you are registered as unemployed
  • you are not unemployed but about to transition into full-time entrepreneurship after having a job, studying or working from home.

Prerequisites for getting a start-up grant:

  • full-time entrepreneurship
  • knowledge, skillset and resources required for the planned entrepreneurship
  • possibility for running a profitable business, as evaluated by the Employment and Economic Development Office
  • start-up grant is needed for the entrepreneur to make a living
  • business operations will be started only after the decision on your start-up grant has been made

If you are going to apply for a start-up grant, contact your Employment and Economic Development office as soon as possible.

Other forms of support for an entrepreneur are also available. Enterprise Finland provides information on various financing options.

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Information about start-up grantFinnish | Swedish | English