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Business plan

With a business plan a potential entrepreneur analyses the strengths and weaknesses of their own capabilities, the quality of their products or services, their customers and their customers’ needs, and their competitors and their competitors’ products and business methods.

The core of the business plan is the enterprise’s operating plan, in which careful thought is given as to how the business will operate, the type of company premises and where they will be situated, what production tools or workforce will be required, and what use will be made of advertising media and promotional activities. It must also be clarified whether insurance covers the operational risks.

The business plan must also include the organisation of bookkeeping and economic planning, and monitoring of planning implementation.

Help in making a business plan

More detailed advice on producing a business plan can be obtained from the various business advice centres. Guides for entrepreneurs can be downloaded from their web pages in at least Finnish and English, plus various example documents and a model business plan.