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Testimonial of service

An employee is entitled to receive, on request, a testimonial of service from their employer at the end of the contract of employment. A testimonial of service is an important document specifying the duration of the contract of employment and the employee’s tasks. The employee can also ask that the reason why the contract of employment ended and an estimation of the employee’s skills and behaviour are included in the testimonial.

Even ten years after the contract of employment has ended, the employer is obliged to provide a testimonial of service and, after this, only if it does not cause the employer unreasonable inconvenience. If the employee wishes to have an estimation of their skills and behaviour included in the testimonial, the employer shall deliver it to the employee on their request up to five years after the contract of employment has ended. The employer shall also give the employee a new testimonial of service if the employee’s testimonial is lost or gets ruined.

An employer who knowingly or out of carelessness fails to provide a testimonial of service is in breach of the Employment Contracts Act.

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