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Embassies in Finland

Many countries have a diplomatic mission in Finland. The mission can be either an embassy or consulate. The embassies are located in Helsinki. Some countries also have consulates in other cities. Contact your country’s diplomatic mission if you need to take care of matters with officials of your native country.

Among other things, the following matters can be handled through diplomatic missions:

  • Obtaining a new passport
  • Obtaining a birth certificate
  • Applying for citizenship in your home country if you have lost or relinquished it
  • Notifying the authorities of your native country of a new child if the child was born in Finland
  • Applying for citizenship in your native country for your child if the child was born in Finland
  • Registering your marriage in your native country if you married in Finland
  • Voting in the elections of your native country

Please note that not all diplomatic missions offer the same services. Handling all of the matters listed above may not be possible in all diplomatic missions. The available services depend on the legislation of your home country. For additional information, contact the diplomatic mission of your native country.

Not all countries have diplomatic missions in Finland. In these cases you are often served by your native country’s diplomatic mission in one Finland’s neighbouring countries. The website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland features a list of the diplomatic missions of other countries in Finland. In the list, you can find the contact information of the various missions.

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